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Sajjad Torabian Esfahani Profile

Description of your internship

Under Dr. Yampolskiy’s supervision, I started to work on Audio CAPTCHAs which is a new approach of distinguishing between human and bots when an attempt for logging in into a website is occurred. Combinations of audios will be played and users should let the system know what they could hear. Since bots are not able to figure the audios out, the security level of the system will be passed just in case correct data is provided by humans. The project was actually a collaboration between University of Louisville and Indiana University and my responsibilities included creating a database of audio files in SQL server, and designing interfaces in C# to implement the provided ideas.

Education background / focus of study

In 2009, after achieving diploma in mathematics and physics, I took the national universities entrance exam and ranked 314th among more than 1,000,000 applicants. I entered University of Tehran and now I am going to finish the last year of my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering. My main research interests are in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Graphics. This summer internship at Cyber Security Lab was really the best experience of my whole career and I never imagined how drastically it would change my aspirations. Besides the great attitude of Dr. Yampolskiy and his Ph.D. student Darryl, without whom I couldn’t make progress easily in my projects, I found the people so nice and always willing to offer assistance whenever I needed help. I will definitely apply for Ph.D. in United States and becoming a professor is my first priority. Three years of teaching computer and mathematics at school helped me realize that being a teacher is the first thing I want to do in my life.


I was born in Tehran, Iran on December 7, 1990. I lived my whole life in Tehran, and growing up in a big family with a fantastic brother and nineteen cousins was a great fortune that kept me happy all the time. In addition to education in computer science, I devote a lot of time to studying music theory, learning Spanish, and swimming on weekends. It’s been about four years since I started playing Santour which is the ancient Persian musical instrument. With the support of Dr. Jack Ashworth, I presented and played my instrument for the first time at University of Louisville School of Music and that was definitely one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

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