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Emmett Pennington, CECS 2011 Professional Award in Engineering Recipient

EMMETT C. PENNINGTON received both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees from the University of Louisville in 1995. Before he knew what an engineer even did, he knew he wanted to work with computers. He didn’t know exactly what that would be though until his Software Engineering class at UofL where he was the team lead of the winning class project.

When he was hired by 911 Mapping Systems he was able to apply his interest in computer games and graphics to the public safety sector. Starting from scratch and using patterns and practices normally reserved for use in computer games he was able to create mapping applications with drastically improved performance. His interests in high speed graphics, artificial intelligence, code optimization, and algorithms turned out to be a perfect fit for an industry where response time can be a matter of life or death. Soon after, this technology was licensed for over a million dollars to be integrated with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) applications. Since then the software has grown from helping very small agencies to being used by several of the largest cities and counties in the country.

Emmett is currently the Chief Technology Officer at 911 Mapping Systems, Inc. where he has helped shape public safety industry standards for mapping and location-related data. He is also on the board of directors for 911 Mapping Systems, ION Location Technology, and the City Map Project.

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