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Dr. Elmaghraby and Dr. Yampolskiy edit 2 special issues

Dr. Adel Elmaghraby and Dr. Roman Yampolskiy edit two special issues on "Robotic Safety and Security" and "Biometrics and Continuous Authentication."

There are numerous recent advancements in all aspects of development and deployment in everyday life of advanced domestic and industrial robots (soldier robots, robots museum guides, human-like biped robots, office robots, androids, etc.), as well as artificial entities (such as intelligent software agents and avatars). However, safety and security issues related to robotics are barely addressed. This special issue aims at mitigating this problem. Original, high-quality unpublished contributions are invited to one of the following topics devoted to robotic safety and security engineering. For more details, please visit Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

With the proliferation of computers and of the internet in our everyday lives, the need for reliable computer security steadily increases. Biometric technologies provide user friendly and reliable control methodology for access to computer systems, networks and workplaces. Continuous Authentication allows for a higher level of security beyond the point of initial authentication and is considered to be the ultimate property of the future biometric systems. This special issue is intended to present research papers and reviews that address some of the diverse topics related to Biometrics and Continuous Authentication. These topics include but are not limited to: soft, physical, cognitive and behavioral biometrics. In particular research papers related to Age, Biosignals, DNA, Ear shape, EEG, ECG, Face, Fingerprints, Gait, Gender, GSP, Hand geometry, Hand grip, Hand veins, HCI, Iris, Keystroke dynamics, Mouse dynamics, Odor, Palm prints, Retina, SCP, Signature, Stylometry Voice and Virtual World traits are encouraged, but many other biometrics related topics are also acceptable. We invite scientists and researchers from all fields of biometrics to submit papers for this important first special issue of Electronics on Biometrics and Continuous Authentication. Case studies, reviews and research papers on all topics related to biometrics are invited. Visit Electronics: Special Issue "Biometrics and Continuous Authentication" for details.

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