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Darryl D'Souza Takes 1st in 2010 Graduate Research Competition Awards

Congratulations to Darryl D'Souza, CECS Graduate student and his mentor, Dr. Roman Yampolskiy on placing first in Computer and Information Sciences during the 2010 Graduate Research Competition Awards!

Title: Face Detection Analysis using Extended Haar-Like Features

Violaet al. have introduced a rapid object detection scheme based on a boostedcascade of simple features. Lienhart & Maydt have introduced a novel set ofrotated Haar-like features, which significantly enrich this basic set of simpleHaar-like features and which can also be calculated very efficiently. It depicts on average a 10% lower false alarm rate by means of using theseadditional rotated features and overall optimizing the false alarm rate furtherby 12.5% for a given boosted cascade. In this presentation we utilize the Haarcascade, based on this modified scheme. It is used to detect faces in human and avatar upright frontal face datasets.

Applying Intel's OpenCV Haar cascade on human and avatar face datasets (complex backgrounds, head rotations,varying illuminations,face occlusions) to obtain accuracies on them and thus evaluate the performance.

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