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Begoña García Zapirain

Begona Garcia Zapirain

Begoña García Zapirain was born in San Sebastian (Spain) in 1970. She graduated in Communications Engineering, specialising in Telematics at the Basque Country University in 1994. In 2003, she defended her doctoral thesis in the pathological speech digital processing field. After many years of working for ZIV Company, she joined the University of Deusto in 1997 faculty as a lecturer in signal theory and electronics. She has been the head of the Telecommunication Department at the University of Deusto from 2002 to 2008. In 2001, she created the Advanced Signal Processing (PAS) research group along with Javier Vicente Sáez at the same university, playing the role of chief researcher. She is the head of the eVIDA research group in the Technologic Center of the University of Deusto (since 2007).

Reason for visit: To exchange knowledge and fix problems in bioehtics and bioengineering as well as attend the CGames Conference to present a paper on games which can help with health issues.

Length of visit: I will be here for one month - until August 20th.

What do you hope to get from your visit: Collaboration with students regarding research issues.

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