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Christy M. Gearheart Receives Third in MCBIOS VII

Christy M. GearheartChristy M. Gearheart won third place in the Student Poster Presentations: Computational Merit at the The Seventh Annual Conference of the MidSouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS VII) held February 19-20 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Her poster titled "Design of a DNA-Based Shift Register" presents work completed in collaboration with Dr. Eric C. Rouchka and Dr. Benjamin Arazi in the field of DNA Computing.

Design of a DNA-Based Shift Register
DNA-based circuit design is an area of research in which traditional silicon-based technologies are replaced by naturally occurring phenomena taken from biochemistry and molecular biology. This research focuses on further developing DNA-based methodologies to mimic digital data manipulation. This research concentrates on the manipulation of data, demonstrating how information can be parsed through a digital circuit comprised on DNA - based logic gates. A novel logic gate design based on chemical reactions is presented in which observance of double stranded sequences indicates a truth evaluation. Circuits are obfuscated by removing of physical sequence connections, allowing client-specific representative strands for input sequences, altering the input sequence strands over time, and varying the input sequence length. Shifting along the input stream to parse individual inputs is accomplished through alternative splicing of DNA sequences stored in plasmid vectors.

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