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Artur Abdullin wins Graduate poster at E-Expo 2011

Engineering Expo at the University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering celebrates the many facets of the engineering profession. This annual event hosted by Speed School showcases undergraduate research, pre-engineering competitions and activities for younger students, guided tours, exhibits, and the cutting edge research facilities at UofL. E-Expo fosters an atmosphere of progress and competition in order to promote the exciting developments of the engineering profession to the public. University of Louisville undergraduate and graduate students compete in different divisions of research competitions for a total of $2,500 in awards. High school students travel to E-Expo from all over in order to compete in design competitions hosted by the local chapters of professional engineering societies.

Artur Abdullin, CECS graduate student, won best graduate poster for his Hearst Analytical Challenge (sponsor by Hearst magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation) which is one of the world's largest publishers of monthly magazines. The objective of the challenge was to predict the number of copies to be placed in each newsstand location to optimize the overall distribution model. The main objective of the talk is to introduce the methodology used to win the Hearst Challenge. Detailed description of the challenge data and difficulties associated with building predictive models for newsstand distribution models were covered. The framework build to make predictions of sales based on historical sales data was introduced and the design ideas and motivation were discussed. The main idea of the predictive framework is to model various properties of time series such as seasonal periodicity, trend, and stochastic behavior.

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