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    Thank you for visiting the CECS department's Microsoft Software Developer Network Academic Alliance web site.
      Returning Users: Use your credentials of the previous semester to log in.
      New users: Click on Register and supply your student ID in the username field.
    If you experiences any difficulties, please feel free to send an email to the address posted in the Support tab.

    * Due to course registration, MSDNAA downloads will not be available the first two weeks of each semester.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: To download software, you MUST download the ISO and use a burning software such as Nero or Roxio to burn the image to a CD. After downloading the first file from the MSDNAA site, that file must be run from where you saved it, to begin the actual ISO download. You should be prompted to save the image file somewhere on your computer.

    MSDNAA Academic Website 
  • Engineering Software Bundle

    Engineering Software Bundle | Obtaining Software Bundle | Additional Free Software

    The Engineering Software Bundle is available to all Speed School students who have paid the technology fee.  Software included in the bundle has been selected based on applications commonly needed by all Speed School students.  Some departments may use additional software not included in the bundle - such software was not included since it would raise the technology fee for all.  In such cases, the software is typically available for access in the departmental labs.  Use of the software is made possible by Speed School's subscription to the Student Option of the Microsoft Campus Agreement and agreements with additional software vendors.

    The 2009 -2010 Engineering Software Bundle consists of:

    Microsoft Campus Agreement Student Option:

    Application Software (No connection to server needed):

    Application Software (Connection to license server needed - limited number of concurrent sessions):

    As new versions of the software are released, upgrades are included for enrolled students.  Upon leaving Speed School (except for graduation), the engineering software bundle should be removed in accordance to license agreements.  Graduating students may continue to use the software, but will not be eligible for further upgrades.

    If purchased by a student for academic use from a discount software vendor, such as the Academic Superstore or Amazon, the software above would cost about $1300 and not include upgrades:

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    Obtaining Software Bundle

    The 2009-2010 Engineering Software Bundle is available July 2, 2009 for free downloads and DVD purchases.


    Software may be downloaded from iTech Xpress for students admitted to Speed School and enrolled in Fall 2009 classes.  A login with ULink Username and Password is required. DVD copies of the software will also be available at $13.00 per DVD to cover media charges (each application is typically on a separate DVD).  Copies may be picked up within 2 business days at the IT Xpress on campus. There is a $4.00 shipping/handling charge for all orders mailed on or off campus.  Software installed via DVD will generally require an additional software activation step - downloaded software is automatically activated.

    All software except for the Vista Ultimate operating system upgrade is available via a free download.  You will not need all software - download or purchase only what is needed.  The technology fee is based on our overall usage (number of downloads and DVD's purchased).  It is suggested that you start with the Office Enterprise 2007 application - it is the most commonly used package.  Download the others when needed for classes or specific use. All software is for your personal use on a single computer - activations are tracked.  Do not download/purchase DVD's for others nor disclose Product Keys.

    NOTE:  Detailed instructions and suggestions on how to setup your new tablet PC for use in Speed School are given under Tablet Setup.

    Download software from iTech Xpress

    You must use your ULink Username and Password to enter iTech Xpress.  Under Categories, click on Speed School Student Downloads.  After downloading the desired .exe file, run or double-click on the file.  This will extract the files into a temporary folder.  Depending on the size of the file, there may be a long pause before the files are extracted - please wait.  Note the folder to which files are being extracted to and read the UofL****Readme.txt file for directions and the Product Key.  Double-click on setup.exe to install.  After installation, the downloaded .exe file and the temporary folder with extracted files may be deleted.  The installed programs are safe inside the Program Files folder.

    The following packages are currently available for download: 

    • LabView Circuit Design  (3.0G)
    • Matlab (2.8 G)
    • Maple 11 (220M)
    • Minitab 15 (50M)
    • National Instruments (3.2G)
    • Office 2007 Learning Essentials (263M)
    • Office Enterprise 2007 (499M)
    • Project Professional (178M)
    • SharePoint Designer (203M)
    • UGS Solid Edge V20 (2.4G)
    • Visio Professional 2007 (238M)

    Order DVDs from iTech Xpress

    You must use your ULink Username and Password to enter iTech Xpress and purchase DVD's.  Under Categories, click on Speed School Student Media.  DVD purchase is necessary only for those who wish to upgrade the operating system.

    The following packages are currently available for purchase:

    • Microsoft Vista Ultimate Upgrade ($13.00)
    • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 ($13.00)
    • Microsoft Project Professional 2007 ($6.00)
    • Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 ($6.00)
    • Microsoft Visio Professional 2007 ($5.50)
    • Visual Studio.Net Professional 2005 (5 DVD's - No longer available.)

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    Additional Free Software

    Some software is available free of charge to all University of Louisville students.  This software can be downloaded (or media purchased) at any time via login at the IT Xpress with your UofL UserID and Password.  Most notable of the free software is the virus protection - this should be the first software you install on your computer! 

    Free software from IT Xpress

    Microsoft DreamSpark
    Microsoft is making its valuable software developer tools available for free to students worldwide at participating universities. These are not trial versions and students must verify their student status every twelve months. The University of Louisville is a participating university and U of L students use their ULink credentials to verify and download.

    Microsoft DreamSpark (through JourneyED)

    • Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition
    • Expression Studio (includes Web, Blend, Media and Design)
    • XNA Game Studio 2.0 (with 12-month Creators Club trial membership)
    • SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition
    • Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition, with SP2

    Free Tablet Software from Microsoft
    Microsoft offers some free software for use with the Tablet PC.  This software takes advantage of the inking capabilities of the tablet.

    Microsoft Experience Pack for Windows Vista -  Media Transfer, Ink Crossword, Equation Writer, and Ink Flash Cards

    Microsoft Ink Desktop for Windows Vista

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