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Master's Degree Theses in Computer Science / Engineering

Full Title Author Date
Advancements in frameworks for educational games through sound software engineering principles / by Christy M. Bogard. Bogard, Christy M. 2006
Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan K.; Imam, Ibrahim N.; Wong, Julius P.
Designing high interaction window honeynets / by Ahmed Ameen Ashour. Ashour, Ahmed Ameen 2006
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Wahba, Khaled; Losavio, Michael; Wong, Julius
Web based students' co-op assessment software / by Sabeen Hasan. Hasan, Sabeen. 2006
Advisor(s): Imam, Ibrahim N.; Chang, Dar- Jen; Wong, Julius P.
Simulation of DNP3 protocol / by Chayanendu Hait. Hait, Chayanendu 2006
Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Ralston, Patricia
Using comparative analysis to increase IDS security response / by Mohamed Helmy Mostafa Khalifa. Khalifa, Mohamed Helmy Mostafa 2006
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel; Losavio, Michael; Wong, Julius
ASP.NET instructions with multi tiered architecture for Web applications / by Vijay Kulkarni. Kulkarni, Vijay 2006
Advisor(s): Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel; Wong, Julius
A toolkit for intrusion detection in a SCADA environment / by Aaron Guy Davies. Davies, Aaron Guy 2006
Advisor(s): Desoky, Ahmed H.; Arazi, Benjamin; DePuy, Gail
SpeedXML: An agile, user-oriented query tool for XML documents / by Marc Richard Brickley. Brickley, Marc Richard 2005
Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan; Kartardzic, Mehmed; Holloman, Thomas
Design and implementation of Affymetrix data processing with Java "ADPJ" / by Shade A. El-Hadik. El-Hadik, Shade A. 2005
Advisor(s): Desoky, Admed; Rouchka, Eric C.; DePuy, Gail; Cooper, Nigel G. F.;
Microarray database resource for designing custom microarrays / by Ravishrikanth Gundlapalli. Gundlapalli, Ravishrikanth. 2005
Advisor(s): Rouchka, Eric C.; Desoky, Admed H.; Cooper, Nigel G. F.
Towards a scalable and efficient data classification technique / by Fadi Samih Omar Mehanna. Mehanna, Fadi Samih Omar 2005
Advisor(s): Elmagraby, Adel; Wahba, Khaled; Emam, Ahmed
Software integrity management system / by Joseph H. Brown. Brown, Joseph H. 2004
Advisor(s): Graham, James; Kartardzic, Mehmed; Tyler, Larry
A metric for identifying system exploitation developed through a study in buffer overflow exploits / by Michelle D. Allgeier. Allgeier, Michelle D. 2004
Advisor(s): Desoky, Admed; Cleaver, Thomas G.; Losavio, Mike; Graham, J. H.
PEAP: An enhancement for secure wireless Internet access / by Sharad Gulati. Gulati, Sharad 2004
Advisor(s): Ragade, R. K.; Kumar A.; Naber, J.
Automation of the structure modeling of protein receptor / by Dinesh Kumar Abichandani. Abichandani, Dinesh Kumar 2004
Advisor(s): Kumar, A.; Kakar, S.; Ragade, R. K.; Trent, J.
Hopfield neural network as a channel allocator / by Maurizio Garzelli. Garzelli, Maurizio 2004
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S; Emam, Ahmed; Tyler, Larry D.; Wahba, Khaled
Distributed data mining using Web services / by Vivek Mongolu. Mongolu, Vivek 2004
Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Ragade, Rammohan; Wong, J.P.
An examination of a Web-based Advanced Encryption Standard system / by Brandon Michael Barnes. Barnes, Brandon Michael 2004
Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Ragade, Rammohan; Wong, J.P.
Data mining and decision making support in the governmental sector / by Hazem Husain M. Abd Al Rahman Al-Hudairy. Al-Hudairy, Hazem Husain M. Abd Al Rahman 2004
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Holloman, Thomas L.
Minimizing breast cancer symptomatology in recurrence prediction using artificial neural networks / by Anna Marie Besse. Besse, Anna Marie 2003
Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed M.; DePuy, Gail; Desoky, Admed
XML-based e-commerce shopping cart application / by Dinaker Rajesh Ilapogu. Ilapogu, Dinaker Rajesh 2002
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel; Ragade, Rammoham K.; Faulds, David
A framework for a scalable distributed data mining model / by Mohamed Mohamed Medhat Mohamed Gaber. Gaber, Mohamed Mohamed Medhat Mohamed 2002
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel; Senousy, Badr; Wahba, Khaled
Utilization of case-based reasoning and data-warehouse towards robust CRM support / by Heba Saleh Ahmed Ahmed Omar. Ahmed Omar, Heba Saleh Ahmed 2002
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Ralston, Patricia; El Nady, Nabil
Multitier online resume database application / by Yuri Eduardo Escartin. Escartin, Yuri Eduardo 2001
Advisor(s):Kumar, Anup; Chang, Dar-Jen; Wong, Julius P.; Sutton, Faye C.
Web mining for pattern discovery in e-commerce applications / by Debasish Chatterjee. Chatterjee, Debasish 2001
Advisor(s): Kartardzic, Admed; Badia, Antonio; Usher, John S.
Business-to-business electronic commerce / by Mohamed Fouad El-Sheikh. El-Sheikh, Mohamed Fouad 2001
Advisor(s):Kamel, Khaled; Chang, Dar-Jen; O'Conner Holloman, Carol
System control and data acquisition / by Khaled Saad Allam. Allam, Khaled Saad 2001
Advisor(s): Kamal, Khaled A.; Kumar, Anup; Ralston, Patricia
3D animation on a video wall / by Craig P. McDaniel. McDaniel, Craig P., 1977- 2001
Architecture and design of Internet based medical management information systems / by Austin Charles Mayberry. Mayberry, Austin Charles, 1977- 2001
Computer-based process monitoring/fault detection using principal component analysis / by Christopher S. Arnold. Arnold, Christopher S., 1978- 2001
Design and evaluation of a prototype wireless network / by Charles Joseph Rickert II. Rickert, Charles Joseph, 1977- 2001
Design of inter-cell mobility path prediction for wireless internet hosts using artifical neural networks / by Sathishkumar P. Alampalayam. Alampalayam, Sathishkumar P., 1974- 2001
Dynamic engine for the interpretation and execution of Java Server Pages / by Eric David Means. Means, Eric David. 2001
Exploration of the Bluetooth technology implemented in the Widcomm BlueConnect modules / by Ryan Thomas Greene. Greene, Ryan Thomas. 2001
Infrastructure for buliding [sic] distributed applications using XML-RPC and SOAP / by Vibhu Sinha. Sinha, Vibhu, 1979- 2001
Medical imaging information system / by Amira A. Rashed. Rashed, Amira A. 2001
Online microarray analysis / by William Christopher Hall. Hall, William Christopher, 1976- 2001
Performance comparison : MPICH, message passing interface against Treadmarks, distributed shared memory / by William J. Sandman III. Sandman, William J., 1959- 2001
Preliminary study of biometric signature verification / by Mark Austin Baker. Baker, Mark Austin, 1977- 2001
Study of a personal iris recognition system for biometric identification / by Sandra Rae McPherson. McPherson, Sandra Rae, 1978- 2001
System control and data acquisition / by Khaled Saad Allam. Allam, Khaled Saad, 1973- 2001
Virtual cookbook for the connected world / by Susan Elizabeth Mattingly. Mattingly, Susan Elizabeth. 2001
Web-based project management support system / by Luiza Hagan. Hagan, Luiza, 1976- 2001
Analysis of fault/failure data from student software development projects / by Christopher Todd Howle. Howle, Christopher Todd, 1977- 2000
DB Valet : a natural language database interface / by Arthur William Penn. Penn, Arthur William, 1971- 2000
Design and implementation of a numeric parser in IBM VisualAge Java / by Thanh Huu Nguyen. Nguyen, Thanh Huu. 2000
Dynamic system simulation software package implemented with a computer algebra system / by Troy Edward Howe. Howe, Troy Edward. 2000
Implementation of Oracle's Advanced Queuing in an aircraft weight and balance system / by Timothy Lee Hatfield. Hatfield, Timothy Lee, 1966- 2000
Point of sale interface analysis and design / by Gregory A. Dues. Dues, Gregory A., 1974- 2000
Procedural texture mapping C++ libray / by Michael C. Wang. Wang, Michael C., 1972- 2000
Programming considerations for improving mobile robotic safety / by Steven Louis Esterle. Esterle, Steven Louis, 1976- 2000
Sensory interfacing for mobile robotic safety / by Jeremy Adam Fleitz. Fleitz, Jeremy Adam, 1977- 2000
Study of ATM-Frame Relay cost effective interworking access at customer premises / by Ahmed Hussein Salem. Salem, Ahmed Hussein, 1971- 2000
Transparent Internet based operating system model / by Sreenivas Bodapati. Bodapati, Sreenivas, 1974- 2000
Data warehouse query agent architecture / by Aliasgar A. Sareea. Sareea, Aliasgar A., 1972- 1999
Visualization for a rapid prototyping software package with networked components / by Joseph Ronald Hagan. Hagan, Joseph Ronald, 1973- 1999
An intranet publishing and viewing system for confidential documents / by Guoxiang Li. Li, Guoxiang 1999
Advisor(s): Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel; Zeng, Wei-Bin
Databases on the Web: Online directory services / by Sushil Kumar Arige. Arige, Sushil Kumar 1999
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kumar, Anup; Parsaei, Hamid R.
Web access to enterprise databases: A pure Java approach / by Ayman Malek Abdel Hamed Kohail. Kohail, Ayman Malek Abdel Hamed 1998
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kamel, Khaled A.; El-Kassas, Sherif; Guan, Jian
Internet multimedia information system / by Zhong Liu. Liu, Zhong 1997
Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel; Chang, Dar-Jen; Wu, Shi-Yu
A front end for a multimedia conference system / by Ayman Momtaz El-Geneidy. El-Geneidy, Ayman Momtaz 1996
Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Kamel, Khaled; Parsaei, Hamid
Real-time data acquistion for laser spectroscopy under Linux / by Zhongheng Hu. Hu, Zhongheng 1996
Advisor(s): Kielkopf, John F.; Pitts, W. K.; Chang Dar-Jen
KEACS: The Kentucky Education Accountability Costing System / by Anand Krishnamurthy. Krishnamurthy, Anand 1996
Advisor(s): Chang, Dar-Jen; Jian, Guan
An expert system for riverbank protection / by Mahesh Gopinathan. Gopinathan, Mahesh 1996
Advisor(s): Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Parola, Arthur C.
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