Computer Science & Engineering Doctoral Students Get Valuable Experience on Summer Internships

July 8, 2015

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Name: Faezeh Tafazzoli

Advisor: Dr. Hichem Frigui

Research Area: Vehicle identification for intelligent transportation monitoring

Internship Employer: Xerox Innovation Group, PARC East

City/State: Rochester, NY

Internship Research Area: Identification and extraction of knowledge from real-time video streams with the applications of intelligent transportation system, aid efficiency in healthcare and education.

Elaheh Arabmakki


Name: Elaheh Arabmakki

Advisor: Dr. Mehmed Kantardzic

Research Area:  Streaming data mining

Internship Employer: Mayo Clinic

City/State:  Rochester, MN

Internship Research Area:  Analysis of the medical data

Tegjyot Singh Sethi


Name: Tegjyot Singh Sethi (TJ)

Advisor:  Dr. Mehmed Kantardzic

Research Area:  Streaming data mining

Internship Employer:  Google Inc.

City/State:  Mountain View, CA

Internship Research Area:  Software Engineer

Lingyu Lyu


Name:  Lingyu Lyu

Advisor: Dr. Mehmed Kantardzic

Research Area: Data Mining

Internship Employer:  The Rawlings Group

City/State:  La Grange, KY

Internship Research Area: Data Mining

Behnoush Abdollahi


Name: Behnoush Abdollahi

Advisor:  Dr. Olfa Nasraoui

Research Area: explanation generation for multi-domain recommendation systems

Internship Employer: Gen-9 Inc.

City/State:  Louisville, KY

Internship Research Area: Machine learning, data mining, and software/hardware development for wearable devices.