Data Science

*** Online and in class options available ***

The CECS department at the University of Louisville is offering a graduate level Certificate in Data Science (DS). The requirements can be completed online within a 12 month period. On campus students can enroll in the DM certificate program with the same requirements.

Program Objectives: To address the need for trained professionals in the interdisciplinary field of data mining, the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) faculty developed a certificate program in data mining. The certificate consists of 18 hours, with three required courses from CECS and three elective courses selected from a list of relevant elective courses in CECS and Mathematics.

Students enrolled in degree-seeking programs in addition to the non-degree certificate program can apply for federal financial aid. Students only enrolled in the non-degree certificate programs are not eligible to receive federal aid. For more information contact the UofL Financial Aid Office.

Program Highlights:

Faculty at the University of Louisville are leaders in the field of Data Mining, Data Warehousing, and Data Analysis. Their expertise spans the use of text, web, numerical, and image data bases. They have worked in application areas such as Medical, E-commerce, Security, Military, Institutional, and Financial research. Faculty have authored textbooks, chapters, and professional publications and received research awards from NSF, NASA, NIH, and DoD.

Course Offerings

The online courses are offered so that students can complete the certificate program in a 12-month period. Typically two courses are offered online each semester. However, a variety of courses are available on campus for students in the Louisville area.

Required courses

  • CECS 535 Databases
  • CECS 632 Data Mining
  • CECS 635 Data Mining with Linear Models

Three elective courses:

  • CECS 619 Algorithms
  • CECS 621 Web Mining for E-commerce
  • CECS 660 Intro to Bioinformatics
  • CECS 622 Simulation and Modeling of Discrete Systems
  • CECS 545 Artificial Intelligence
  • CECS 522 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems
  • CECS 694 Selected Topics in Data Mining: Legal Issues in Data Mining
  • CECS 694 Selected Topics in Data Mining: BIG DATA: Document-oriented DB
  • CECS 694 Selected Topics Related Data Mining
  • CECS 563 Experimental Design
  • CECS 630 Advanced Databases and Data Warehousing
  • MATH 560 Intro to Statistical Data Analysis
  • MATH 561 Probability Theory
  • MATH 562 Mathematical Statistics
  • MATH 566 Nonparametric Statistics
  • MATH 667 Methods of Classification

SAS and SAS Enterprise Miner will be used as part of the program.

Online Admission Requirements and Online Application

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