Graduate Degrees in CECS

Computer Engineering & Computer Sciences offers three degrees beyond the B.S. degree. These are:

  • Graduate Certificates - Data Science and Cybersecurity
  • M.Eng. Degree - This is our accredited masters of engineering degree program. This is principally extended to our best undergraduates, to obtain a masters degree in their fifth year (B.S. + 1 year). This consists of coursework plus a structured research component; there is no formal masters thesis.
  • M.S. Degree – This is the traditional masters of science degree. This consists of coursework plus a masters level research project that forms the basis of the thesis.
  • Ph.D. Degree – This is the highest degree available and consists of coursework beyond the M.S. level and a substantive body of new and unique research, which constitutes the Ph.D. thesis.

Graduate Coordinator for CECS:

Mehmed Kantardzic, Professor
210 Duthie Center for Engineering
Computer Engineering & Computer Science
J.B. Speed School of Engineering
Louisville, KY 40292
Email Dr. Kantardzic