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Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) Course Work

The minimal requirements for the degree Master of Science with specialization in Computer Science are as follows:

Prerequisites: (not included in degree program)
  • A bachelor's degree
  • Successful completion of CECS 130, 230, 302, 310, and 420 or their equivalents.

Areas Courses Requirements Credit hours
CECS 504 Automata Theory

CECS 619 Algorithms

1 course required 3

CECS 516 Computer Networks

CECS 535 Introduction to Database

CECS 545 Artificial Intelligence

CECS 550 Software Engineering

CECS 629 Distributed Systems

CECS 630 Advanced Databases and Data


CECS 640 Internet Applications



2 courses required 6

CECS 522 Performance Evaluation

CECS/IE 563 Experimental Design

CECS 627 Digital Image Processing

CECS 620 Combinatorial Optimization

CECS 622 Simulations

CECS 632 Data Mining

2 courses required 6
Thesis Option


Project option

3 elective courses = 3X3 = 9 credit hours + CECS 690 MS Thesis = 6 credit hours

CECS 690 (6 cr. Hrs.) + 3 CECS electives


4 elective courses = 4X3 = 12 credit hours + CECS 696 CECS Project = 3 credit hours

CECS 696 + 4 CECS Electives

Total required number of credit hours for MS Program (for both options) = 30 credit hours

CECS MS Program requires minimum 15 credit hours of 600 level courses.

Note: All students are required to have a signed course plan approved from the Department prior to graduation

Electives require approval of students graduate committee or graduate program advisor.

Languages such as C, C++ and JAVA might be needed. These are offered at the undergraduate level; not for graduate credit.

(1) Two CECS graduate faculty with the student's advisor must devise a plan of study with the student during the first semester outlining the requirements for successful completion of the non-thesis option. The study plan will be forwarded to the Graduate School for further approval and documentation

(2) The technical electives may be chosen from an engineering area other than EMCS. The technical electives may be chosen in the engineering science area or engineering design area.

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