Are all students required to Co-op?
All students pursuing a Bachelor of Science or Master of Engineering degree are required to co-op except those who qualify for advanced standing or international students who are on student visas.
What are student requirements for Co-op?
To qualify for admission to the co-op program, students must declare an engineering major, be admitted into their major department, be in good academic standing and maintain a 2.25 GPA or higher, depending on departmental requirements. The semester prior to going on the first co-op, students must take a 0-credit hour cooperative education seminar in which students are assisted in the job search process and are provided with the fundamentals of career modeling.
When do students Co-op?
Most students begin their first co-op at the end of the sophomore year. In order to be considered for co-op, students must submit a Basic Studies application and must be admitted to their major department.

Students do not select the semesters in which they will co-op. They are expected to follow the alternating sequence of co-op and class work. Courses are coordinated with the alternating schedule to insure that students will be able to take courses they need when they are not on co-op.
What orientation is offered to prepare students for Co-op?
Each student is required to enroll in Co-op Seminar prior to each co-op. The seminar is designed to assist the student in the job search process including the preparation of a resume, interviewing skills and writing the co-op report.
Is academic credit awarded for Co-op?
Two semester hours are awarded at the Bachelor's level for each co-op completed.
Are students guaranteed a Co-op work assignment?
No. Co-op coordinators can only refer students for employment opportunities. Whether or not a student gets a job is determined by their qualifications, the job interview, their ability to compete with other students, and economic conditions.
Are students allowed to secure their own work assignment?
Yes. However, you should discuss this with your co-op coordinator before making any inquiries. Most employers prefer that contacts actually be made by  co-op coordinators to insure that students are legitimate candidates for co-op positions.
Do students Co-op with the same employer for all three Co-ops?
Yes. The objective of the program is to gain an in-depth knowledge of the student's engineering field of study, and only by returning to the same employer can they assess the student's potential and provide more challenging assignments.