Civil Engineering Research

The faculty in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department are actively engaged in research within the field. There are four research centers within the department:

FacilityDirectorSummaryContact Info

Center for Infrastructure Research

Thomas. D. Rockaway, Ph.D., P.E.

To research, educate, and solve urban infrastructure-related issues, and problems.

Office: 502.852.3272
Fax: 502.852.8851
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Center for Transportation Innovation

Zhixia (Richard) Li, Ph.D.

The Academy for Community Transportation Innovation provides new techniques and essential skills required to design, build and manage the transportation system of the 21st century. The goal is also to accelerate transportation project development and enhance community involvement and environmental sensitivity.

Office: 502.852.2307
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Stream Institute

Arthur Parola, Ph.D.

The work of the Stream Institute is primarily concerned with the mitigation of human effects on streams, wetlands, and watersheds, with an emphasis on sediment transport theory, the use and development of field techniques to calibrate theoretical and laboratory-based equations, restoration construction and monitoring techniques, and the integration of bridges, culverts, and other water crossings with stream restoration design.

Office: 502.852.4599
Fax: 502.852.8851
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