Chair's Message

J.P. Mohsen,Ph.D.Chair Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Greetings from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. It is indeed a pleasure to send greetings on behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of our department. It is also a pleasure to share with you a summary of our activities and successful stories of our CEE family during the past year.

Dr. J.P. Mohsen, who has been serving as the department chair since 2004, is now the interim Associate Dean of Administration, Planning, and Faculty Affairs of the Speed School of Engineering. I would like to invite everyone to join me to congratulate Dr. Mohsen on his new position. Under his leadership, the CEE department has kept growing in both research and teaching every year. It is really my honor to succeed Dr. Mohsen in this chair position. With the support of faculty, staff, students, and our alumni, I truly believe our department can continue to grow healthily.

2016-2017 was an exciting school year. The statistics data from the Associate Dean of Research and Facilities showed that the research expenditures of the CEE department continued to rank high among all Speed School departments. We also kept a good record of journal publications. We also created a new research lab, S3Trans, located in the lower level of WS Speed.

In the past year, we graduated five Ph.D. students, two in the structural area, two in the geotech area and one in the water resources area. We hope what they have learned at UofL are helpful to their future career. In this new school year, we recruited six new Ph.D. students to join in our family.

We also developed two brand-new graduate certificate programs, one in Transportation Engineering and one in Structural Engineering. Both programs have been approved by the university and started taking applications in Spring 2017. This certificate provides an excellent opportunity for professionals with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering who may have received job assignments that require knowledge in structural or transportation engineering. To accommodate the busy schedule of those civil engineers, the programs are 100% online.

The job market for civil engineers is very strong. This year, we had 30 companies attend the Networking Recruiting Event (NRE), our thirteenth annual event! It took place on September 28 of this year. Among the 30 participants, we had quite a few new ones on the list. We sincerely hope to see you again next year at the event, and we are also hoping more and more companies will join us for this great event.

We will have an ABET accreditation visit in 2018 and are currently working on the self-study report. We need everyone’s input to review and provide feedback regarding the CE program Mission and CE Educational Objectives. They are listed on both page 3 of this newsletter and our departmental website. Please take a moment to read them. Any feedback or suggestions are very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Zhihui Sun, Ph.D.
(p) 502.852.4583