The Undergraduate Program

The Bachelors of Science (B.S.) is the baseline degree that permits a graduate to practice the profession of Chemical Engineering. Though professional licensure is available, it is not required.  In most cases, an undergraduate (B.S.) degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited college or university is sufficient.

The UofL curriculum is designed to be completed in four academic years. This includes the three interspersed co-op experiences.

In order to graduate on time, the Ch.E. Department has developed a course sequence template.  If followed, this template will enable a student to graduate in four years. Other course sequences may also lead to an on-time graduate.  But this is the standard sequence of courses recommended by the department. The curriculum map is another tool for visualizing the path to graduation. It contains all of the same information as the template but shows it graphically and indicates prerequisites (or co-requisites) with arrows.

The B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering

Current Undergraduate Catalog