Bioengineering Seminars

The Department of Bioengineering offers an outstanding series of seminar speakers. Seminars include:
TitleDescriptionStart DateLocation
SEMINAR: Biomechanical Testing of Soft Tissue Damage InterventionsDr. Arnab ChandaMay 07, 2019 10:00 AMEkstrom Library, RM104
SEMINAR: Rockin’ Rehab – New Tools for Therapy and Assessment in Pediatric Spinal Cord InjuryJohnathan GeorgeApr 10, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Research Bldg, Room 139
SEMINAR: Robotically Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty (Replacement)Arthur Malkani, M.D.Apr 03, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Research Bldg, RM 139
SEMINAR: “Healing-Responsive” Materials for Engineering Comprehensive Tissue RegenerationDr. John MartinMar 27, 2019 12:00 PMVogt Bldg, Rm 311
SEMINAR: Brain-Machine Interfaces for Epilepsy, Sleep, and Movement AnalysisSridhar Sunderam, Ph.D.Mar 20, 2019 12:00 PMVogt Bldg., RM 311
SEMINAR: Bioresorbable Zn-based Medical Implants for Orthopaedic and Cardiovascular ApplicationsDr. Donhui (Don) Zhu Mar 15, 2019 10:00 AMShumaker Research Bldg., RM139
SEMINAR: Cancer Immunotherapy-Challenges and Solutions to Improve Clinical BenefitKavitha Yaddanapudi, Ph.D.Mar 06, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Research Bldg., RM 139
SEMINAR: Current cellular methods to improve cardiac and microvascular function in agingAmanda Jo LeBlanc, Ph.D.Feb 27, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker, RM139
SEMINAR: Applying Bayesian Deep Neural Networks to NeuroimagingPatrick McClure, Ph.D.Feb 20, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Research Bldg, RM 139
SEMINAR: Electro-Active Waveguide Sensors for Detection of Biomarkers and Diagnosis of DiseaseMartin G. O'Toole, Ph.D.Feb 13, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Bldg, RM 139
SEMINAR SERIES : Novel Approaches to Endogenous Heart RepairTamer Mohamed, Ph.D.Feb 06, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Bldg., RM 139
SEMINAR: Developing Assistive and Rehab Technology for SCI PatientsTommy Roussel, Ph.D.Jan 30, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Bldg, Room 139
SEMINAR: Effects of task-specific training and spinal cord epidural stimulation on bladder function after human spinal cord injuryApril Herrity, D.C., Ph.DJan 23, 2019 12:00 PMShumaker Research Building, Rm 139