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Speed Alumni Residing in Washington

Data is accurate as of November 20, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Washington.


City Name Graduation
Bellevue Mr. Julian P. Morris 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Bellingham Mr. James L. Johnson 1965 Electrical Engineering
Bellingham Ms. Kathryn L. Schetzer 1982 Data Processing Technology
Bonney Lake Mrs. Sarah J. Hatfield 1994 Engineering Science
Bothell Mr. James E. Randall 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Bothell Mr. Matthew G. Dillon 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Bothell Mr. Roger Dixon 1974 Aerospace Medicine
Bremerton Mr. Mark W. Peak 1986 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Clyde Hill Mr. Mark A. Brodsky 1988 Engineering Science
Everett Ms. Erica M. Sullivan 2005 Business Administration
Gig Harbor Mr. Mark G. Roberts, Jr. 1982 Applied Science
Issaquah Mr. Hsin Lee 1985 Mechanical Engineering
Issaquah Mr. Muthukumar Natarajan 2006 Electrical Engineering
Kennewick Mr. Joe S. Flood 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Lacey Mrs. Daniela Bremmer-Washington 1983 Data Processing Technology
Liberty Lake Mr. W. Vincent Roland 1973 Electrical Engineering
Mercer Island Ms. Suzanne C. Reynolds 1991 Art
North Bend Mr. Daniel W. Judd 1982 Data Processing Technology
Olympia Mr. John S. Cornette 1966 Mechanical Engineering
Olympia Mr. Paul W. Kabler 1964 Electrical Engineering
Port Orchard Mr. John H. Howard, Jr. 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Port Orchard Mr. Robert A. Baran 1968 Electrical Engineering
Poulsbo Mr. Rudolph D. Thomas 1955 Electrical Engineering
Pullman Mr. Reza Sehhati 2005 Civil Engineering
Puyallup Mr. William R. Baer, Jr. 1985 Applied Science
Redmond Mr. David J. King 1988 Mechanical Engineering
Redmond Mr. Oleksandr Lozitskiy 2007 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Redmond Mr. Zhenyu Zhu 1995 Mechanical Engineering
Redmond Ms. Supriya Madhuram 1995 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Redmond Tie-Liu Shi, Ph.D. 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Renton Mr. Arun Meenakshi Sundaram 2004 Electrical Engineering
Renton Mr. Daniel N. Flynn 1984 Applied Science
Richland Mr. Stanley Goldsmith 1949 Chemical Engineering
Ridgefield Mr. Jeffrey T. Smith 1986 Applied Science
Sammamish Mr. Anil Manickath 1995 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sammamish Mr. Ashraf A. Saad 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sammamish Mr. Douglas M. Stowers 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Seattle Mr. David H. Johnson 1994 Engineering Science
Seattle Mr. Dean M. Zigoris 1987 Applied Science
Seattle Mr. Donald B. Baldwin 1972 Civil Engineering
Seattle Mr. Herbert Poppke 1951 Mechanical Engineering
Seattle Mr. Joseph A. Heim 1974 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Seattle Mr. Joseph S. Hardin 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Seattle Mr. Mohammad M. Shaban 2007 Electrical Engineering
Seattle Mr. Steven P. Proctor 2002 Electrical Engineering
Seattle Mr. Zia M. Shaban 2004 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Seattle Ms. Wafa M. Shaban 2007 Industrial Engineering
Snohomish Lt C Errol Carman Wilkins 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Spokane Mr. M. Damon Sanders, Jr. 1992 Business Economics
Steilacoom Capt. David S. Cobb 1987 Applied Science
Tacoma Mr. Kirk R. Everman 1991 Engineering Science
Vancouver Mr. Chen-Chi Yuan 1976 Electrical Engineering
Washougal Damon T. Smith, P.E. 1996 Civil Engineering
Washougal Mr. Dennis B. Breuner 1967
Woodinville Ganapathy Krishnan, Ph.D. 1983 Chemical Engineering
Woodway Mr. Morgan A. Broadhead 1997 Electrical Engineering


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