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Speed Alumni Residing in Virginia

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Virgina.


City Name Graduation
Alexandria Karen A. Simon, P.E. 1982 Environmental Engineering
Alexandria Maj. Henry H. Triplett, III 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Alexandria Mr. Christopher R. Carlson 1996 Industrial Engineering
Alexandria Mr. Earl C. Hughes 1976 Electrical Engineering
Alexandria Mr. Eric L. Plummer 1977 Electrical Engineering
Alexandria Mr. Gerard C. Benson 1976 Engineering Management
Alexandria Mr. Jack I. Berman 1981 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Alexandria Mr. Richard S. Kauchak 1992 Engineering Science
Alexandria Mr. Terry J. Owens 1972 Chemical Engineering
Alexandria Mrs. Mary S. Holsclaw 1992 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Alexandria Ms. Amy K. Wood 1993 Engineering Science
Alexandria Ms. Barbara Dunbar 1991 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Arlington Capt. Colleen M. O'Connor 2001 Mechanical Engineering
Arlington Mr. Alan W. Gold 1954 Electrical Engineering
Arlington Mr. Forester W. Isen, Jr. 1978 Electrical Engineering
Arlington Mr. Michael J. Pakenham 1980 Civil Engineering
Arlington Mr. Michael L. Warden 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Arlington Mr. Steven P. Roth 2004 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Arlington Mrs. Karin E. Roth 2000 Chemical Engineering
Basye Mr. Howard L. Wink, Jr. 1973 Engineering Management
Bedford Mr. Raymond F. Irby 1953 Electrical Engineering
Bentonville Mr. Jack L. Borum 1982 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Blacksburg Mr. Steven S. Cox 1993 Civil Engineering
Bluefield Mr. James R. Mercke 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Bluemont Mr. Robert L. Zurschmeide 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Bluemont Mr. Robert O. Brown 1976 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Bracey LCDR Paul A. Doucette, Jr., USN(Ret.) 1978 Chemical Engineering
Bridgewater Mr. John A. Dotson-Brooner 1987 Applied Science
Bristow Mr. Rolando T. Amuedo 1985 Applied Science
Bristow Nicholas P. Anderson, Ph.D. 2001 Industrial Engineering
Broadlands Mr. Mark L. Cramer 1983 Applied Science
Burke Mr. Ali Sodeifi 1980 Electrical Engineering
Burke Mr. Bruce H. Hess 1971 Chemical Engineering
Burke Mr. Karl H. Gingrich 2000 Industrial Engineering
Burke Mr. Kyle C. Willard 2000 Civil Engineering
Burke Mr. Mack Miller 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Burke Mr. Thomas E. Maultsby 1968 Electrical Engineering
Burke Ms. Yi B. Zhang 1988 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Centreville Mr. Raymond E. Leonard, III 1972 Electrical Engineering
Centreville Mr. Richard W. Hartman, II 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Centreville Mr. Scott P. Sells 2006 Electrical Engineering
Centreville Ms. Stephanie R. Gerber 2006 Electrical Engineering
Chantilly Lt. Joseph R. Conradi 1977 Electrical Engineering
Chantilly Mr. C. Milton Young, IV 1984 Applied Science
Chantilly Mr. John J. Kammer 1984 Applied Science
Charlottesville Eugene S. McVey, Ph.D. 1950 Electrical Engineering
Charlottesville Mr. Robert C. Ernst, Jr. 1957 Chemical Engineering
Charlottesville Mr. Timothy W. Hnat 2005 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Charlottesville Mr. William R. Isaacs 1954 Electrical Engineering
Chesapeake Cmdr. Paul R. Skurski 1971 Electrical Engineering
Chesapeake Mr. James W. Reesor 1950 Electrical Engineering
Chesapeake Mrs. Nancy Orzech Mulholland 1984 Applied Science
Chester Mr. Joseph L. Dotson, III 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Chesterfield Mr. Henry W. Tuck, Jr. 1985 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Chesterfield Mr. Thomas S. Elkins 1984 Applied Science
Christiansbrg Mr. Eric G. Burbage 1996 Engineering Science
Clifton Mr. Michael J. Kirchner 1972 Electrical Engineering
Culpeper Mr. Scott B. Johnson, Jr. 1986 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Culpeper Mr. William J. White, III 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Danville Mr. H. Kent Shortridge 1976 Engineering Science
Danville Mr. William S. Coyne 1980 Electrical Engineering
Dumfries Mr. Joseph T. McPherson 1991 Engineering Science
Earlysville Mr. William W. Tunis 1974 Electrical Engineering
Fairfax Gregory J. Bayens, P.E. 1968 Electrical Engineering
Fairfax Michael A. Pachuta, J.D. 1946 Mechanical Engineering
Fairfax Mr. Benjamin D. Paz 1988 Engineering Science
Fairfax Mr. Christopher E. Snyder 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Fairfax Mr. John C. Neville 1976 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Fairfax Mr. Mohammed R. Nilforoush 1989 Engineering Science
Fairfax Mr. Richard M. Dyson 1961 Electrical Engineering
Fairfax Mr. Thomas J. Berkey 1962 Chemical Engineering
Fairfax Selvaraj Ramasamy, Ph.D. 1992 Chemical Engineering
Fairfax Station Mr. Amir H. Khorrami 1979 Industrial Engineering
Fairfax Station Mr. Harry J. Brown, Jr. 1965 Civil Engineering
Fairfax Station Mr. Henry B. Loggins 1995 Engineering Management
Fairfax Station Mr. Raymond F. Kulbitskas 1965 Chemical Engineering
Falls Church Cmdr. David S. Mercer 1963 Electrical Engineering
Falls Church Mr. Edward L. Simpson 1976 Electrical Engineering
Fincastle Mr. Warren G. Peace 1978 Environmental Engineering
Forest Mr. David C. Bing 1980 Electrical Engineering
Forest Mr. John A. Klingenfus 1979 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Forest Mr. Michael N. Vickers 1987 Electrical Engineering
Forest Ms. Sarah E. Evans 1992 Engineering Science
Fredericksbrg Ms. Kimmy Dixon 1998 Engineering Management
Fredericksburg Lt.C. Martin L. Fair 1998 Industrial Engineering
Fredericksburg Mr. G. Ferrell Sandy, Jr. 1947 Electrical Engineering
Fredericksburg Mr. Peter V. Mount, II 1992 Engineering Science
Fredericksburg Mr. Steven V. Pitzel 1975 Electrical Engineering
Gainesville Mr. David L. Kumar 1987 Applied Science
Gainesville Mr. Larry E. Voll 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Gainesville Mr. Scott E. Sanborn 2000 Industrial Engineering
Galax Mr. Joseph C. Anderson 1972 Electrical Engineering
Glen Allen Mr. James H. Laubach 1999 Mechanical Engineering
Glen Allen Mr. Jayant V. Tiwari 2004 Electrical Engineering
Glen Allen Mr. Randall L. Breeden 1953 Electrical Engineering
Glen Allen Mr. Robert N. Hancock 1957 Civil Engineering
Hampton Mr. Michael S. McGurk 1997 Industrial Engineering
Harrisonburg Ralph F. Grove, Jr., Ph.D. 1991 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Haymarket Mr. A. Scott Dam 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Herndon Adi R. Punuru, Ph.D. 1987 Chemical Engineering
Herndon Col. Veloris A. Marshall, III 1970 Electrical Engineering
Herndon Mr. Charles A. Ilari 1982 Applied Mathematics
Herndon Mr. Charles M. Folsom 1982 Environmental Engineering
Herndon Mr. Luke M. Boyd, Jr. 1980 Civil Engineering
Herndon Mr. Phani M. Vurakarnam 2001 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Herndon Mr. Steven H. Palmer 1974 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Herndon Mr. Steven W. Anderson 1977 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Herndon Reza Eftekhari, Ph.D. 1974 Electrical Engineering
Herndon Mr. Jie Wei 1997 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Kilmarnock Mr. William B. Moore, Jr. 1945 Chemical Engineering
Leesburg Mr. Dinesh K. Abichandani 2004 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Leesburg Mr. Hussam S. Al-Ibrahim 1989 Engineering Science
Leesburg Mrs. Diana K. Witek 1986 Data Processing Technology
Lorton Mr. Keith L. Green 1987 Applied Science
Lorton Ms. Mary L. Sage 1986 Applied Science
Louisa Mr. Robert C. Jackson 1947 Mechanical Engineering
Lynchburg Mr. John W. Hawkins 1978 Electrical Engineering
Manassas Mr. Dennis G. Felhoelter 1972 Civil Engineering
Manassas Mr. Michael A. Hornbeck 1994 Mechanical Engineering
Manassas Mr. Richard D. Elgart 1976 Mechanical Engineering
Manassas Richard Forrester, III, Ph.D. 1966 Chemical Engineering
Manassas Park Mr. Luan A. Vu 2002 Electrical Engineering
Marshall Mr. William B. Mann, IV 1958 Civil Engineering
Martinsville Mr. F. Nile Davis, Jr. 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Martinsville Mr. Robert G. Humkey 1969 Chemical Engineering
Mc Lean Mr. Charles H. Brown, Jr. 1965 Electrical Engineering
Mc Lean Mr. Hamid-Reza Molaghasemi 1979 Civil Engineering
Mechanicsville Mr. Anthony J. Spears 1987 Applied Science
Mechanicsville Mr. James C. Baugh, Jr. 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Midlothian Mr. Edward G. Disselkamp 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Midlothian Mr. Gordon T. Mercer 1981 Data Processing Technology
Midlothian Mr. James D. Zahn 1999 Business Administration
Midlothian Mr. Kevin D. Peterson 1996 Chemical Engineering
Midlothian Mr. Mark C. Keller 1980 Mechanical Engineering
Midlothian Mr. Robert M. Klein 1988 Engineering Science
Midlothian Mr. William D. Paragon 1988 Electrical Engineering
Midlothian Mrs. Deborah J. Harrison 1976 Data Processing Technology
Midlothian Ms. Cynthia R. Cunningham 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Nellysford Mr. James C. Deddens 1952 Mechanical Engineering
New Market Pauline K. Cushman, Ph.D. 1995 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Newport News Mr. Alan M. Hall 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Newport News Mr. Charles G. Greenwell 2000 Mechanical Engineering
Newport News Mr. J. Thomas Breitbeil 1962 Electrical Engineering
Newport News Mr. James F. Meyers 1969 Electrical Engineering
Newport News Mr. James S. Lantz 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Newport News Mr. Michael A. Scott 1988 Engineering Science
Norfolk Lt. Richard M. Phillips 1978 Electrical Engineering
Norfolk Mr. Archie R. Whitehill 1972 Electrical Engineering
Norfolk Mr. Kenneth W. Leiding 1957 Electrical Engineering
Oak Hill Robert E. Lee, P.E. 1972 Civil Engineering
Palmyra Mr. Kenneth R. Karr 1963 Chemical Engineering
Poquoson Mr. Thomas R. Hibbs 1990 Engineering Science
Portsmouth Mr. Cyril F. Hollinden, Jr. 1959 Electrical Engineering
Portsmouth Mr. John R. Osborne 1957 Electrical Engineering
Powhatan Ms. Tammy S. Long 1994 Engineering Science
Providence Forge Mr. John F. Williams 1995 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Radford Mr. Seyed J. Mirlohi 1989 Electrical Engineering
Radford Thomas K. Smith, P.E. 1974 Electrical Engineering
Reston Mr. Richard V. Heitfield 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Richmond Mr. Cary S. Board 1995 Mechanical Engineering
Richmond Mr. Garnett L. Wade 1952 Chemical Engineering
Richmond Mr. Gary W. Overstreet 2004 Industrial Engineering
Richmond Mr. Gregorio I. Patron 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Richmond Mr. Herschel S. Nelson, Jr. 1973 Electrical Engineering
Richmond Mr. Matthew E. Zoeller 1985 Applied Science
Richmond Mr. Thomas E. Lewis, Jr. 1946 Electrical Engineering
Richmond Mr. Venkatramani S. Iyer 1962 Chemical Engineering
Richmond Ms. Kelley J. Hardman 1996 Chemical Engineering
Roanoke Mr. Mark D. Care 1989 Electrical Engineering
Ruther Glen Mr. Michael W. Block 1981 Industrial Engineering
Smithfield Mr. James B. Young 1964 Mechanical Engineering
South Boston Mr. Robert H. Hollister 1953 Electrical Engineering
South Riding Mr. Donald L. Brink 1969 Electrical Engineering
Spotsylvania Mr. Gerald H. Prudom 1969 Chemical Engineering
Springfield Jeremy S. Branson, Ph.D. 2000 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Springfield Maj. Patrick L. Walden 2002 Industrial Engineering
Springfield Mr. Sanjay K. Shah 1997 Chemical Engineering
Springfield Ms. An M. Hsieh 1990 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Springfield Ms. Carolyn J. Scalia 1989 Engineering Science
Springfield Ms. Joy D. Muncy 1980 Civil Engineering
Stafford Mr. Bradley R. Ogg 1977 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Stafford Mr. James S. Howard 1977 Electrical Engineering
Stafford Mr. Jonathan H. Hernandez 1996 Electrical Engineering
Stanardsville Mr. Carl H. Schmitt 1964 Electrical Engineering
Sterling Mr. Egbert D. Maynard, Jr. 1962 Electrical Engineering
Sterling Mr. Lin Cao 1997 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sterling Mr. William T. Lasky 1986 Applied Science
Vienna Cmdr. Mark H. Dye, USN(Ret.) 1976 Electrical Engineering
Vienna Mr. John P. Weis 1958 Electrical Engineering
Vienna Mr. Khosrow H. Moniri 1979 Electrical Engineering
Vienna Mr. Michael B. Peake 1992 Engineering Science
Vienna Ms. Jasmina Poturovic 1997 Chemical Engineering
Virginia Bch Mr. Cary W. Owsley 2005 Electrical Engineering
Virginia Beach Cmdr. Martin J. Erdossy, III 1978 Mechanical Engineering
Virginia Beach Gordon D. Spence, Jr., P.E. 1966 Civil Engineering
Virginia Beach Lt. Col. Stephen Mark Evans 1973 Civil Engineering
Virginia Beach Mr. Charles A. Edmunds 1973 Electrical Engineering
Virginia Beach Mr. Edward R. Kaiser, Jr. 1957 Chemical Engineering
Virginia Beach Mr. George M. Murray 1971 Electrical Engineering
Virginia Beach Mr. James L. Mehne 1948 Mechanical Engineering
Virginia Beach Mr. Michael C. Plumb 1978 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Virginia Beach Mr. Robert M. Rider 1976 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Warrenton Mr. David M. Biegert 1985 Applied Science
Waynesboro Mr. Robert A. Sullivan 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Waynesboro Mr. Roger A. Wilson 1954 Chemical Engineering
White Marsh Mr. James W. Hornung 1966 Mechanical Engineering
Williamsburg Lt. Cmdr. Leslie O. Kagey, III 1975 Mechanical Engineering
Williamsburg Mr. Archibald L. Elam 1962 Chemical Engineering
Williamsburg Mr. Charles F. Krause 1970 Electrical Engineering
Williamsburg Mr. Gary W. Marshall 1970 Chemical Engineering
Williamsburg Mr. Mark E. Osborne 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Woodbridge Cmdr. Kirk R. DeBerry 1977 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Woodbridge Col. Robert E. Swartwood, Ret. 1957 Electrical Engineering
Woodbridge Lt. Col. Thomas H. Rahe 1998 Engineering Management
Woodbridge Mr. Brian S. Gunderman 1986 Applied Science
Woodbridge Mr. William W. Pile 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Woodbridge Ms. Katherine Y. Foston 2007 Civil Engineering
Wytheville Mr. Joseph D. Challgren 1977 Engineering Management
Yorktown Mr. George W. Hogg 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Yorktown Mr. Kurt E. Severance 1988 Engineering Science


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