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Speed Alumni Residing in Texas

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Texas.


City Name Graduation
Aledo Mr. Steve Brown 1979 Electrical Engineering
Allen Mr. Anthony T. Nguyen 1999 Engineering Math & Computer Sci
Allen Mr. David M. Albert 1982 Electrical Engineering
Allen Mr. James A. Jolliffe 1987 Applied Science
Allen Mr. John C. Wissel 1997 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Allen Mr. Michael J. Linnig 1978 Electrical Engineering
Allen Mr. Michael J. Wilaby 1996 Electrical Engineering
Allen Mr. Richard A. Wolfe 1981 Electrical Engineering
Allen Mr. Ronald A. Fenner 1976 Electrical Engineering
Allen Mr. Stewart L. French 1979 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Allen Mr. Vincent P. Shovlin, Jr. 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Allen Mrs. Faith G. Engler 1987 Applied Science
Allen Mrs. Linda H. Quick 1982 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Amarillo Mr. Brian S. Blandford 1997 Industrial Engineering
Arlington Mr. Michael W. Dillon 1995 Mechanical Engineering
Arlington Mr. Michael W. Usrey 1999 Chemical Engineering
Austin Carl J. Rigney, Ph.D. 1947 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. Andrew J. Sexton 2003 Chemical Engineering
Austin Mr. Brian K. Garvey 1979 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. Bruce E. Douglas 1983 Applied Science
Austin Mr. Christopher Howle 1999 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Austin Mr. Chung T. Nguyen 1990 Engineering Science
Austin Mr. Clifford E. Culver, Jr. 1967 Chemical Engineering
Austin Mr. Coung H. Tran 1992 Engineering Science
Austin Mr. David P. Tuttle 1981 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. Dung H. Tran 1995 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Austin Mr. Edward E. Toutant 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Austin Mr. Eric D. Means 2001 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Austin Mr. Frank H. Cohn, III 1983 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. James K. Whitlow 1991 Engineering Science
Austin Mr. Jeffrey B. Reed 1984 Applied Science
Austin Mr. John R. Humphrey 1970 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. Khawaja R. Shuja 2001 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. Kirk D. Fauver 1987 Applied Science
Austin Mr. Louis M. Hornung, P.E. 1959 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. Mark A. Russell 1987 Applied Science
Austin Mr. Milton L. Fegenbush, Jr. 1957 Mechanical Engineering
Austin Mr. Paul D. Tindall 1994 Engineering Science
Austin Mr. Ramabhadra R. Dokka 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Austin Mr. Robert M. Donnelly 1963 Electrical Engineering
Austin Mr. Rohit R. Sahasrabudhe 2000 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Austin Mr. Trung Q. Duong 1986 Applied Science
Austin Mrs. Kathy L. Werner 1982 Electrical Engineering
Barker Mr. Gerald R. Brown 1977 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Bartonville Mr. James W. Morris 1976 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Baytown Zhimin Liu, Ph.D. 1997 Chemical Engineering
Beaumont Mr. Albert R. Spahn 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Beaumont Mr. Derrick Morgan 1989 Engineering Science
Beaumont Mr. Elmer E. Embs, Jr. 1951 Chemical Engineering
Beaumont Mr. William M. Siekkinen 2006 Chemical Engineering
Bedford Mr. Harit U. Derasari 1998 Mechanical Engineering
Bedford Mr. James C. Benedetti 1967 Electrical Engineering
Bedford Mr. Shahrokh Zand 1984 Applied Science
Brownsville Mr. Scott J. Greer 1995 Mechanical Engineering
Carrollton Capt. Bob A. Entrican 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Carrollton Mr. George G. Gianacakes 1981 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Carrollton Mr. John B. Hamilton 1985 Applied Science
Carrollton Mr. Jose J. Carrasquillo 1978 Electrical Engineering
Carrollton Mr. Timothy R. Bruce 1981 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Carrollton Ms. Sharon K. Montgomery 1983 Appl.Math/Comp.Sci
Cedar Park Mr. Robert L. Friess 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Chandler Mr. John D. Wilson 1947 Civil Engineering
Conroe Mr. Sean P. Columbia 2007 Industrial Engineering
Coppell Saisankar Kolli, Ph.D. 1994 Industrial Engineering
Copperas Cove Mr. Gregory P. Griffith 2002 Civil Engineering
Corinth Mr. Karl W. Erdmann 1999 Civil Engineering
Corinth Ms. Lisa A. Sherman 1995 Engineering Science
Corpus Christi Mr. Anthony M. Cortese 2007 Electrical Engineering
Corpus Christi Mr. Charles S. Marschall, Jr. 1977 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Corpus Christi Mr. Louis W. Hennings, III 1964 Electrical Engineering
Corpus Christi Mr. Timothy A. Trafton 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Corpus Christi Ms. Jin Lin 1987 Microbiolgy & Immunology
Cypress Mr. Shade A. El-Hadik 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Cypress Mrs. Rachel M. Atherton 1986 Applied Science
Dallas Col. Thomas B. Spalding 1976 Mechanical Engineering
Dallas Lewis J. Frazee, M.D. 1973 Chemical Engineering
Dallas Mr. Andre' A. Quillen 1999 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Dallas Mr. David I. Paine 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Dallas Mr. Edgardo C. Schirmer 1986 Applied Science
Dallas Mr. Gerald L. Weckman 1981 Industrial Engineering
Dallas Mr. J. Donald Clark 1958 Electrical Engineering
Dallas Mr. John B. Probus 1982 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Dallas Mr. Joseph J. Coleman 1955 Chemical Engineering
Dallas Mr. Kenneth R. Lampton 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Dallas Mr. Kenneth R. Peak 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Dallas Mr. Mitchell G. McNeill 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Dallas Mr. Robert J. Andres 1960 Electrical Engineering
Dallas Mrs. Barbara B. Weckman 1980 Applied Mathematics
Dallas Mrs. Robin L. Barnes 1996 Chemical Engineering
Dallas Ms. Clarinda V. Alcalen 1999 Chemical Engineering
Dallas Ms. Elizabeth L. Gensheimer 1976 Applied Mathematics
Dallas Shaad B. Bidiwala, M.D. 1993 Engineering Science
Denton Mr. Harry L. Hodges 1957 Mechanical Engineering
Dripping Springs Mr. Gary C. Shirey 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Dripping Springs Mr. Lawrence E. Mowen 1966 Electrical Engineering
El Paso Col. Daniel R. Hirsch 1997 Industrial Engineering
El Paso James H. L. Lawler, Ph.D. 1959 Chemical Engineering
El Paso Mr. Donald L. Kroeger 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Flower Mound Mr. Marshall W. Sprigg, Jr. 1958 Chemical Engineering
Flower Mound Mr. Pushkar U. Mokashi 1990 Electrical Engineering
Flower Mound Mrs. Kathryn B. Mokashi 1987 Applied Science
Flower Mound Tammy P. Yung, P.E. 1986 Applied Science
Fort Worth Mr. Mojtaba Aghaaliandastjerdi 1983 Applied Science
Fort Worth Mr. Ravikumar Devulapalli 1990 Civil Engineering
Fort Worth Mrs. Cheryl L. Hoskins 1996 Civil Engineering
Fort Worth Ms. Elizabeth K. Kirchner 2004 Chemical Engineering
Friendswood Dr. Arthur T. Hiemer 1965 Electrical Engineering
Friendswood Mr. John H. Brinly 1971 Chemical Engineering
Friendswood Mr. Morgan T. French 1978 Chemical Engineering
Friendswood Mr. Phan T. Dinh 1986 Applied Science
Frisco Mr. J. Clint Follette 2001 Chemical Engineering
Frisco Mr. Jonathan H. Ball 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Frisco Mr. William P. Bosworth 1994 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Frisco Ms. Nguyet T. Tran 1990 Engineering Science
Garland Mr. Michael T. McHale, Jr. 1995 Chemical Engineering
Garland Ms. Susan M. Coomes 1983 Appl.Math/Comp.Sci
Garland Ms. Trinh M. Huynh 1989 Engineering Science
Georgetown Mr. Charles B. Fischer, Jr. 1978 Biomedical Engineering
Georgetown Mr. Edward G. Myatt, Jr. 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Granbury Mr. James L. Schulze, Sr. 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Granbury Mr. Timothy A. Hope 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Grand Prairie Mr. Andrew L. Perkins 1994 Engineering Science
Greenville Mr. Clifford W. Riggins 1960 Electrical Engineering
Greenville Mr. Jonathan P. Geer 1974 Electrical Engineering
Heath Cmdr. Robert N. Hart, III 1955 Electrical Engineering
Highland Village Mr. Mark A. Hornung 1978 Electrical Engineering
Houston Ali Khosravi-Kamrani, Ph.D. 1983 Applied Science
Houston Arulalan R. Gomatam, Ph.D. 1983 Chemical Engineering
Houston Athisarn Wayuparb, Ph.D. 1998 Industrial Engineering
Houston Clinton S. McAfee, P.E. 1975 Electrical Engineering
Houston Dr. N. William Muller 1939 Chemical Engineering
Houston Edward J. Moch, Jr., P.E. 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Houston James B. Green, P.E. 1956 Civil Engineering
Houston Jeffrey A. Caldwell, Ph.D. 1990 Engineering Science
Houston Kala Y. Kamdar, M.D. 1996 Chemical Engineering
Houston Michael J. McGill, P.E. 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mr. Abdulqader M. Abduljalil 1987 Applied Science
Houston Mr. Albert J. Davis 1942 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Ali S. Al-Sewaadi 1984 Civil Engineering
Houston Mr. Amir A. Rashid 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mr. B. J. Mulloy 1973 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Houston Mr. Barry D. Sherman 1977 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Brian D. Wilson 1999 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Houston Mr. Dave G. Sellers 1991 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. David A. Duet 1990 Electrical Engineering
Houston Mr. David A. Peters, Jr. 1973 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. David B. Hamm 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mr. David L. Haysley 1967 Electrical Engineering
Houston Mr. Dennis L. Betz 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mr. Derick N. Wright 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Houston Mr. Donald E. Smith 1946 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mr. Earl H. Simpson 1961 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Earl W. Gerhard 1971 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Errol A. Schreiber 1967 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Eugene E. Ratterman, II 1989 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. Gregory A. Devine 1998 Civil Engineering
Houston Mr. Gregory J. Henry 1999 Civil Engineering
Houston Mr. Gregory J. Sedelmeier 1989 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. J. W. McKenna 1947 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. James S. Prentice 1966 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Javed A. Anwar 1994 Electrical Engineering
Houston Mr. Jeffrey C. Phillips 1985 Applied Science
Houston Mr. John W. Gognat 1967 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Kevin M. Grimm 1991 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. Kevin Masterson 1991 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. Kevin T. Lucas 1987 Applied Science
Houston Mr. Larry G. Snyder 1961 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Long T. Dang 1985 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Houston Mr. Luong T. Tran 1992 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. Matthew R. Anderson 2005 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mr. Mike T. Green 1994 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. Otto J. Mileti 1945 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Paul A. Branham 1989 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. Paul D. Carrico 1973 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Phuc V. Le 1980 Civil Engineering
Houston Mr. R. Alan Schaefer 1977 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Richard L. O'Bryan 1961 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Robert B. Bossung, III 1954 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Robert G. Tripp 1956 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Robert L. Luttrell, Jr. 1973 Electrical Engineering
Houston Mr. Robert V. Schneider, III 1973 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Robert W. Dye 1989 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. Scott R. Macpherran 1974 Civil Engineering
Houston Mr. Sixtus U. Iwu 2006 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Houston Mr. Stephen O. Gbadamosi 2008 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mr. Theodore J. Schaefer 1979 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Thomas A. Paulley 1979 Electrical Engineering
Houston Mr. Thomas R. Munson 1984 Civil Engineering
Houston Mr. Wayne D. Morse 1967 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. William A. Fultz 1988 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. William C. Miller 1989 Engineering Science
Houston Mr. William E. Brown 1945 Electrical Engineering
Houston Mr. William S. Taylor, III 1960 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Yongjie Ren 2007 Chemical Engineering
Houston Mr. Yun S. Kim 1976 Civil Engineering
Houston Mrs. Ayanna M. Betts 2000 Mechanical Engineering
Houston Mrs. Elizabeth M. St Peter 2002 Electrical Engineering
Houston Mrs. Jacqueline R. Hunley 1989 Engineering Science
Houston Mrs. Lucy P. Hajare 1985 Applied Science
Houston Ms. Jeanetta T. Daly 1981 Chemical Engineering
Houston Ms. Lisa E. Dempsey 1979 Chemical Engineering
Houston Ms. Stephanie D. Samuels 1995 Electrical Engineering
Houston Ms. Stephanie M. Sharp 2007 Civil Engineering
Houston Nevine H. El Tonsy, Ph.D. 2001
Houston Wensheng Li, Ph.D. 2005 Civil Engineering
Humble Mr. Alan R. Wild 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Humble Mr. David A. Bradley 1993 Engineering Science
Humble Mr. Edward J. Kaltenbacher 1960 Chemical Engineering
Humble Mr. Foroutan Ghahfarouki Amini 1979 Chemical Engineering
Humble Mr. Michael B. Townsley 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Humble Mr. William M. Chanda 2002 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Hutto Mr. Matthew W. Armold 1991 Electrical Engineering
Irving Mr. Praveen K. Vootkuri 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Irving Mr. Selvam Sivagurunathan 2007 Industrial Engineering
Irving Mr. Stephen C. Spratt 1985 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Irving Susan R. Wright, P.E. 1980 Industrial Engineering
Jacksonville Mr. Eric R. Biebighauser 2005 Mechanical Engineering
Jarrell Ms. Tamara D. Stamport 1991 Engineering Science
Katy Merle R. Likins, Jr., Ph.D. 1970 Chemical Engineering
Katy Mr. Donald J. Grimm 1979 Chemical Engineering
Katy Mr. Harry G. Limb 1977 Civil Engineering
Katy Mr. Jahangir Yaghmaian 1983 Civil Engineering Technology
Katy Mr. Manope Kerdlappol 1974 Civil Engineering
Katy Mr. Nuruddin F. Kalolwala 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Katy Mr. Raymond H. Rogers 1961 Chemical Engineering
Katy Mr. Sriram Ramani 1993 Chemical Engineering
Katy Mr. Steven A. Zoeller 1979 Chemical Engineering
Katy Mr. Thomas M. Mathis, Jr. 1961 Chemical Engineering
Katy Mr. Xiaohe Li 2000 Chemical Engineering
Katy Ms. Paula S. Brown 1979 Chemical Engineering
Katy Nithya Srinivasan, Ph.D. 1999 Chemical Engineering
Keller Mr. David E. Augustus 1986 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Keller Mr. Gregory A. Willinger 1980 Civil Engineering
Keller Mr. Joseph E. Head, Jr. 1986 Applied Science
Keller Mr. Michael Moore 1989 Engineering Science
Keller Ms. Paula K. Lovely 1984 Applied Science
Kerrville Mr. John B. Lewis, II 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Killeen Mr. Kenneth R. Allison, Jr. 1983 Applied Science
Killeen Mr. Robert T. Cordy 2003 Mechanical Engineering
Killeen Ms. Peggy N. Frederick 1978 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Kingwood John B. Stone, Ph.D. 1971 Chemical Engineering
Kingwood Mr. David P. Wagner 1965 Civil Engineering
Kingwood Mr. Glenn R. Eudaley, Jr. 1941 Chemical Engineering
Kingwood Mr. Kevin J. Miles 1988 Engineering Science
Kingwood Mr. Michael D. Norris 1990 Chemical Engineering
Kingwood Mr. Thomas C. Spurrier, Jr. 1957 Chemical Engineering
Kingwood Mr. Wallace L. Ottersbach 1967 Chemical Engineering
Kingwood Mr. William E. Murphy, Jr. 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Mr. Michael A. Shaw 1977 Chemical Engineering
Lake Jackson Mr. Richard N. Gerstle 1966 Chemical Engineering
Lake Jackson Ms. Xiang R. Li 1998 Chemical Engineering
Lancaster Rev. Robert L. Mashburn, Jr. 1972 Electrical Engineering
Lavon Mr. William W. Kaake 1998 Industrial Engineering
League City Mr. Allen R. Taylor 1980 Industrial Engineering
League City Mr. J. Brion Cann 1990 Engineering Science
League City Mr. James E. Huber 1966 Chemical Engineering
League City Mr. John C. Osborne 2001 Mechanical Engineering
League City Mr. Kenneth L. Koerber 1957 Electrical Engineering
League City Mr. Krishnamu Mantravadi 1985 Engineering Management
League City Mr. William S. Buchanan 1995 Chemical Engineering
League City Ms. Farah D. Shooshtarian 1993 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
League City Ms. Nan-Len Gillespie-Jackson 1986 Electrical Engineering Tech.
League City Ms. Thien T. Tran 1983 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Leander Mr. Joseph A. Dicken 1988 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Lewisville Mr. Jacob C. Steephen 1982 Industrial Engineering
Lewisville Mr. Jordan P. Purcell 1983 Applied Science
Lewisville Mr. Phillip R. Purvis 1979 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Lewisville Mr. Tuan Q. Tran 1997 Electrical Engineering
Lewisville Shahriyar Mojahed, Ph.D. 2000 Civil Engineering
Longview Mr. Jesse R. Goza, Jr. 1948 Chemical Engineering
Longview Mr. William E. Spadie 1968 Electrical Engineering
Lubbock Mr. Donald M. Hess 1943 Chemical Engineering
Lubbock Mr. Sasidharan N. Neelakantan 1985 Electrical Engineering
Lubbock Mr. William N. Brown 1953 Chemical Engineering
Lufkin Lt. Cmdr. James R. Landry, Ret 1971 Electrical Engineering
Lumberton Mr. Gaither M. Phillips 2006 Chemical Engineering
Lumberton Mr. Steven B. Cary 2001 Business Administration
Magnolia Mr. Glen S. Comer, Jr. 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Manvel Eman A. Kamel, Ph.D. 1996 Industrial Engineering
McKinney Joseph T. Nabicht, Ph.D 1990 Electrical Engineering
McKinney Mr. David T. Ernst 1993 Engineering Science
McKinney Mr. Jeffrey B. Wagner 1986 Applied Science
McKinney Mr. Ronnie Dixon 1969 Electrical Engineering
Mission Ms. Melanie D. Hostetter 1984 Data Processing Technology
Missouri City Mr. Jesse M. Felker 1987 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Missouri City Mr. Sushim R. Shah 1978 Chemical Engineering
Missouri City Mr. Thomas D. Simmons 1977 Electrical Engineering
Missouri City Mr. Timothy J. Talaga 1998 Civil Engineering
Montgomery Mr. Alexander J. Chaykoski, Sr. 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Montgomery Mr. Joseph C. Zambito 1990 Electrical Engineering
Murphy Mr. Danny R. Cline 1987 Applied Science
Newton Joseph W. Miller, Jr., Ph.D. 1968 Chemical Engineering
Pasadena Dr. Abderrazak M. Meziou 1993 Chemical Engineering
Pasadena Mr. Shane E. Lee 1999 Industrial Engineering
Pearland James Z. Assef, Ph.D. 1998 Chemical Engineering
Pearland Mr. Terence C. Williams 1996 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Pearland Ms. Tuyet T. Hoang 1992 Engineering Science
Plano Ming-Hua Chang, Ph.D. 1992 Electrical Engineering
Plano Mr. Ahmad Naseri 1979 Electrical Engineering
Plano Mr. Craig F. Steinbeiser 1985 Electrical Engineering
Plano Mr. David G. Swinney 1977 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Plano Mr. Donald L. Eichenberger 1957 Electrical Engineering
Plano Mr. Eric Kreitman 1987 Applied Science
Plano Mr. Eric L. Estes 1987 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Plano Mr. Hong S. Lee 1989 Engineering Science
Plano Mr. James A. Kopp 1984 Applied Science
Plano Mr. John B. McDaniel, Jr. 1971 Chemical Engineering
Plano Mr. Larry H. Hodges 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Plano Mr. Richard L. Spivey 1985 Applied Science
Plano Mr. Robert E. Rogers, Sr. 1968
Plano Mr. Ronald P. Wyman 1986 Mechanical Engineering
Plano Mr. Will H. Layton 1987 Applied Science
Plano Mr. Yow-Hsiun Yang 1984 Electrical Engineering
Plano Ms. Mona M. Joseph 1984 Applied Science
Plano Ms. Nevin A. Mohamed 1999 Electrical Engineering
Plano Sameh M. Yamany, Ph.D. 2000 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Plano Zbigniew J. Lata, Ph.D. 1998 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Port Arthur Mr. Mark B. Schmidt 1982 Chemical Engineering
Port Arthur Mrs. Lisa S. Wimsatt 1988 Engineering Science
Porter Mr. Robert L. French 1970 Chemical Engineering
Richardson Mr. Glenn A. Haynes 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Richardson Mr. John J. McCure 1977 Electrical Engineering
Richardson Mr. Michael K. Dugan 1978 Electrical Engineering
Richardson Mr. Steven R. Budde 1976 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Richardson Mr. Thomas H. Shea 1943 Mechanical Engineering
Richardson Mrs. Sharon M. Dugan 1981 Data Processing Technology
Richmond Mr. Barry H. Cohn 1969 Chemical Engineering
River Oaks Mr. Ali A. Ghoncheh 1981 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Rockwall Mr. Leroy N. Trowbridge 1964 Electrical Engineering
Rockwall Mrs. Carrie M. Yarbrough 1977 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Round Rock Mr. Ali H. Elwakhi, Sr. 1984 Applied Science
Round Rock Mr. Boris A. Barrios 1994 Electrical Engineering
Round Rock Mr. Frederick W. Voll, III 1979 Chemical Engineering
Round Rock Mr. John F. Croix, III 1984 Applied Science
Round Rock Mr. Kevin D. Hanen 1996 Chemical Engineering
Round Rock Mr. Neal C. Klubak 1980 Industrial Engineering
Round Rock Mr. R. J. Ruckriegel, III 1973 Electrical Engineering
Round Rock Mr. Rajan K. Chudgar 1995 Chemical Engineering
Round Rock Mr. Richard A. Payton 1978 Electrical Engineering
Round Rock Mr. Terrence Lynn Blevins 1971 Electrical Engineering
Round Rock Mrs. Cathy S. Fehlis 1977 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Round Rock Mrs. Linda M. Croix 1982 Appl.Math/Comp.Sci
Round Rock Ms. Sherrill C. Voll 1979 Data Processing Technology
Rowlett Mr. Vincent J. Hale 1976 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sachse Mr. Joshua A. Wade 1998 Electrical Engineering
Sachse Mr. Scott B. Stahl 1983 Applied Science
San Antonio Col. David George Wood 1966 Chemical Engineering
San Antonio Francis B. Kieren, P.E. 1952 Electrical Engineering
San Antonio Mr. Anthony C. Sheller 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
San Antonio Mr. Cecil E. Myers 1954 Chemical Engineering
San Antonio Mr. Daniel D. Hartlage 2000 Mechanical Engineering
San Antonio Mr. J. Kenneth Bray 1967 Mechanical Engineering
San Antonio Mr. Joseph W. Gardner 2002 Comp Eng and Comp Science
San Antonio Mr. Musa S. Furr 2002 Electrical Engineering
San Antonio Mr. Norman E. Schell 1942 Chemical Engineering
San Antonio Mr. Wesley B. Lay, Jr. 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Antonio Ms. Carola M. Aguirre 1984 Data Processing Technology
San Antonio Ms. Deepa Balakrishnan 2002 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Marcos Mr. Eric W. Lund 1977 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Seabrook Mrs. Carrie S. Bruhn 1990 Engineering Science
Seabrook Mrs. Michelle R. Kamman-Jones 1985 Applied Science
Sherman Mr. Mahmoud R. Shojai 1984 Management
Southlake Mr. Rick W. Ash 1975 Civil Engineering
Southlake Mr. Robert A. Burckle 1973 Electrical Engineering
Southlake Mr. Timothy Raley 1980 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Spicewood Mr. Glenn A. Taylor 1977 Engineering Physics(GradSpeed)
Spring John Stansbury, P.E. 1966 Chemical Engineering
Spring Mr. Edwin B. Spoelker, Jr. 1975 Civil Engineering
Spring Mr. Harry T. Banta 1969 Chemical Engineering
Spring Mr. Jeffrey P. Janocik 1987 Applied Science
Spring Mr. Maarten P. Ter Weeme 1992 Engineering Science
Spring Mr. Philip G. Hughes 1947 Electrical Engineering
Spring Branch Mr. James A. Burton 1970 Chemical Engineering
Sugar Land Alaaeldin M. Sleem, Ph.D. 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sugar Land Daniel E. Burke, Ph.D. 1967 Chemical Engineering
Sugar Land Mr. Chandrashekhar M. Vaidya 1987 Chemical Engineering
Sugar Land Mr. David W. Gornet 1980 Civil Engineering
Sugar Land Mr. James T. Lee, Jr. 1974 Chemical Engineering
Sugar Land Mr. Jerry A. Coad 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Sugar Land Mr. Robert L. Stuckenborg 1976 Civil Engineering Technology
Sugar Land Mr. Ronald E. Graham 1980 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sugar Land Mr. Suresh R. Iyengar 1990 Electrical Engineering
Sugar Land Ms. Arpana V. Maniar 1996 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sugar Land Viral M. Maniar, Ph.D. 1996 Chemical Engineering
Temple Mr. Louis A. Graham 1950 Chemical Engineering
Texarkana Mr. Jim T. McFee, Jr. 1986 Applied Science
Texas City Ms. Rhonda D. Pope 2002 Environmental Engineering
The Woodlands Mr. Christopher D. Costello 1984 Applied Science
The Woodlands Mr. James P. Rottman 1972 Civil Engineering
Tomball Mr. Keith R. Hersel 2002 Electrical Engineering
Tyler Mr. Emile E. Abi-Habib 1995 Mechanical Engineering
Victoria Mr. David P. Newbern 1942 Mechanical Engineering
Victoria Mr. Graham B. McDonald, Jr. 1961 Chemical Engineering
Volente Mr. James A. Clishem 1979 Electrical Engineering
Webster Mr. Tran T. Tran 1977 Chemical Engineering
Webster Mr. Wesley R. Rutt 1989 Engineering Science
Webster Ms. Susan K. Sinclair 1978 Electrical Engineering
Wichita Falls Mr. Charles K. Gunn 2004 Industrial Engineering


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