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Speed Alumni Residing in South Carolina

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in South Carolina.


City Name Graduation
Aiken David A. Boyce, P.E. 1984 Mechanical Engineering
Aiken Dr. Frank G. Smith, III 1969 Chemical Engineering
Aiken Mr. Dwain G. McMullin 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Aiken Mr. Herbert C. Benhardt 1976 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Aiken Mr. James M. Boswell 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Aiken Mr. Jerry E. Bishop 1960 Chemical Engineering
Aiken Mr. Kenneth R. Gordon 1958 Chemical Engineering
Aiken Mr. Larry G. Morris 1971 Civil Engineering
Aiken William J. Vetsch, USN(Ret.) 1970 Chemical Engineering
Anderson Mr. Anthony W. Krull 1984 Applied Science
Anderson Mr. Arthur F. Antoine, Jr. 1997 Chemical Engineering
Anderson Mr. Daniel D. Ray 1950 Chemical Engineering
Anderson Mr. Ruel Cheatham 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Beaufort Ms. Katrina A. Metz 1997 Civil Engineering
Belton W. Gibbs Pike, II, P.E. 1978 Mechanical Engineering
Bluffton Mr. Donald E. McDonald 1960 Civil Engineering
Boiling Springs Mr. Phillip D. Beal 2003 Electrical Engineering
Camden Mr. Ralph W. Nugent 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Camden Ms. Shamitra L. Goodwin 2002 Industrial Engineering
Charleston Mr. Joseph E. Meisenhelder 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Clemson Duncan O. Darby, Ph.D. 1981 Chemical Engineering
Clover Mr. Charles V. Peers 1976 Chemical Engineering
Columbia Dean John E. Montgomery 1964 Chemical Engineering
Columbia Mr. Abebaw Z. Belay 2002 Electrical Engineering
Columbia Mr. Arley L. Downs 1966 Chemical Engineering
Columbia Mr. Fred J. Eline 1982 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Conway Mr. George L. Dienes 1953 Chemical Engineering
Duncan Mr. Thomas N. Meccia 1969 Electrical Engineering
Elgin Mr. Gregory C. Devilbiss 1978 Data Processing Technology
Florence Mr. Darrell K. Ramey 1981 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Fort Mill Mr. Frederick D. Banks, Sr. 1949 Electrical Engineering
Fort Mill Mr. Michael W. Kirby 1998 Civil Engineering
Goose Creek Mr. Alexey Pavlunenko 2006 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Greenville Daryl W. Wurster, P.E. 1979 Civil Engineering
Greenville John H. Rohde, P.E. 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Greenville Mr. Carl W. Yost 1966 Chemical Engineering
Greenville Mr. Christopher W. Mandell 1997 Mechanical Engineering
Greenville Mr. Chung-Cheng Kuo 1991 Electrical Engineering
Greenville Mr. L. Keith Taliaferro, Jr. 1981 Mechanical Engineering
Greenwood Mr. Donald W. Durham 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Greer John R. Ice, P.E. 1952 Civil Engineering
Greer Mr. Chandrasekhr Cherkuri 1995 Electrical Engineering
Greer Mr. Doran A. Dunaway 1977 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Greer Mr. Tracy L. Willis 1990 Engineering Science
Hartsville Dr. Stuart M. Vance 1960 Chemical Engineering
Hilton Head Mr. K. Bailey Keeling, Jr. 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Hilton Head Island Mr. Ralph B. Logan 1965 Civil Engineering
Hilton Head Island Mr. Rolland S. Mather, Jr. 1953 Chemical Engineering
Irmo Mr. Mark E. Elinski 1983 Applied Science
Irmo Mr. William R. Gray, III 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Isle of Palms Mr. James L. Loynes 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Jonesville Mr. William F. McIntire 1985 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Lexington Mr. James D. Manning 1959 Electrical Engineering
Mauldin Marshall A. Goers, P.E. 1981 Environmental Engineering
Mauldin Mr. James E. Benkert 1986 Applied Science
Moore Mr. Massoud M. Alimagham 1988 Engineering Science
Mount Pleasant Gerald C. Gonsalves, Ph.D. 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Mount Pleasant Mr. David A. Schaaf, Jr. 1988 Mechanical Engineering
Mt Pleasant Mr. Patrick A. Collins 1969 Chemical Engineering
Myrtle Beach Heather E. Rickard, Ph.D. 2001 Electrical Engineering
Myrtle Beach John D. Sanders, Ph.D. 1961 Electrical Engineering
Myrtle Beach Mr. Benjamin W. Taylor 2006 Civil Engineering
Myrtle Beach Mr. Michael A. Cassaro 1991 Engineering Science
Myrtle Beach Mr. Ronald C. Smith 1958 Electrical Engineering
Myrtle Beach Terrence P. Fries, Ph.D. 1998 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
N Charleston Mr. Robert H. Von Allmen, Jr. 1961 Electrical Engineering
Newberry Kathy E. Goff, P.E. 1986 Applied Science
North Augusta Mr. Douglas R. Melton 1987 Applied Science
North Augusta Mr. Terry L. Allen 1974 Biomedical Engineering
North Augusta Mrs. Patricia M. Allen 1981 Chemical Engineering
North Charleston Mr. Donald M. McCormack 1975 Electrical Engineering
Prosperity Mr. Michael E. Brennan 1981 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Ridgeway Mrs. Debra A. Phelps 1990 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Rock Hill Mr. Jim T. Troyan, Sr. 1966 Mechanical Engineering
Rock Hill Mr. Richard M. Summers 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Saint Helena Island Mr. John E. Kendall 1970 Chemical Engineering
Salem Mr. Ernest H. Mayberry 1974 Electrical Engineering
Simpsonville Mr. Albert J. Turner 2003 Mechanical Engineering
Simpsonville Mr. Gary D. Thompson 1994 Electrical Engineering
Simpsonville Mr. Ja J. Koo 1996 Civil Engineering
Simpsonville Mr. James G. Gray 1980 Electrical Engineering
Simpsonville Mr. William E. Leyers 1960 Chemical Engineering
Simpsonville Mrs. Ann M. Kreutzinger 1989 Engineering Science
Spartanburg Capt. Charles H. Gnerlich, USNR 1966 Mechanical Engineering
Spartanburg Mr. Charles S. Ware 1979 Electrical Engineering
Spartanburg Mr. Keith B. Hill 1985 Applied Science
Spartanburg Mr. Stephen C. Miller 1985 Applied Science
Spartanburg Mr. William B. Cooper 2001 Industrial Engineering
Spartanburg Mrs. Elizabeth A. Poole 1985 Applied Science
Summerville Mr. Bill Khalil 1991 Engineering Science
Summerville Mr. Ghassan N. Hilal 1984 Applied Science
Summerville Mr. Nathan P. Hobbs 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Summerville Mr. Ziad R. Hilal 1988 Engineering Science
West Columbia Mr. John C. Goldsmith 1987 Chemical Engineering
Westminster Mr. John L. Finn 1962 Mechanical Engineering


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