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Speed Alumni Residing in New York

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in New York.


City Name Graduation
Bardonia Mr. Michael A. McMahon 1991 Engineering Management
Big Flats Mr. Paul S. Schmitt 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Binghamton Ms. Debra A. Schulz 1987 Applied Science
Brewster Mr. Emad Jafa 2006 Engineering Management
Brooklyn Mr. Edwin J. Stastny, Jr. 1978 Civil Engineering
Brooklyn Mr. Joseph L. Farris, II 1995 Chemical Engineering
Brooklyn Mr. Michael P. Dreizin 1988 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Buffalo Charles H. Hatfield, Ph.D. 1967 Chemical Engineering
Coeymans Hollow Ms. Jennifer C. Kuerzi 2000 Chemical Engineering
Coram Mr. Doyle T. McKinney 1986 Applied Science
Corning Mr. Gerald R. Lachut 1981 Engineering Management
Corona Mr. Letao Wang 1993 Mathematics
Cortland Robert B. Mattingly, Ph.D. 1980 Applied Mathematics
Delmar Mr. Sandeep Venugopal 2008 Industrial Engineering
Delmar Ms. Jennifer A. Donnelly 1994 Chemical Engineering
Deposit Ms. Cynthia S. Devine 1985 Data Processing Technology
East Amherst Mr. Dinesh V. Parekh 1969 Mechanical Engineering
East Islip Mr. Curt J. Cicileo 1991 Engineering Science
Endicott Mr. H. Eugene Jamerson 1950 Electrical Engineering
Endicott Mr. Qing Liang 1989 Mechanical Engineering
Endicott Mr. Wallace W. Thompson 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Farmington Mr. Charles G. Dickerson 1970 Chemical Engineering
Fishkill Qian Xu, Ph.D. 2008 Mechanical Engineering
Fresh Meadows Mr. Joe M. Russell 1959 Mechanical Engineering
Great Neck Mr. Hersel Piroozian 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Great Neck Mr. Imanuel Piroozian 1978 Electrical Engineering
Highland Mills Mrs. Veronica S. Zsido 1997 Industrial Engineering
Lagrangeville Mr. Shih-Ming Hu 1959 Chemical Engineering
Lakewood Mr. Jason C. Fahey 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Latham Mr. John G. Galloway 1979 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Levittown Ms. Diana L. Youthkins-Cashman 1991 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Lewiston Mr. James F. Mudd 1950 Chemical Engineering
Loudonville Mr. Bernard F. Schunicht 1962 Chemical Engineering
Manhasset Dr. Yuen-Sheng Chiang 1960 Chemical Engineering
Mount Vernon Joseph L. Bradley, Ph.D. 1986 Applied Science
New Rochelle Mr. Marcus M. Hammonds 1996 Mechanical Engineering
New York Mr. Matthew J. Fischesser 1995 Engineering Science
New York Mr. Mohsin M. Ali 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
New York Mr. Navdeep S. Grewal 1994 Industrial Engineering
New York Mr. Norman S. Toombs 1966 Electrical Engineering
New York Mr. Reginald E. Harwell 1996 Industrial Engineering
New York Mr. Richard H. Lightfoot 1958 Chemical Engineering
New York Mr. Simon M. Furnish 1996 Mechanical Engineering
New York Ms. Anna Goldenberg 2000 Engineering Math & Computer Science
New York Ms. Elizabeth A. Boyles 1985 Applied Science
New York Ms. Olivia X. Wu 1995 Engineering Math & Computer Science
New York Ms. Sherrilyn Johnson 2002 Chemical Engineering
Northport Mr. Tarek S. Mostafa 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Ossining Mr. Chris A. Abell 1987 Applied Science
Petersburg Mr. Kendrick R. Lockett 1994 Electrical Engineering
Pittsford Mr. Anthony M. Higgins 1987 Applied Science
Pittsford Thomas A. Albert, Ph.D. 1991 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Portville Mr. Robert A. Coleman 1998 Civil Engineering
Rego Park Mr. Jack Simon 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Rochester Mr. Charles R. Gordon 1961 Chemical Engineering
Rochester Mr. Richard M. Stone 1954 Electrical Engineering
Rochester Mrs. Amy K. Johnson 1985 Applied Science
Rock Hill Mr. Irvin M. Herman 1954 Civil Engineering
Schenectady Mr. Gordon R. Smith 1977 Electrical Engineering
Schenectady Mr. Pramod Maheshwar 2004 Industrial Engineering
Schenectady Mrs. Eileen M. Combs 2001 Mechanical Engineering
Scotia Mr. Walter E. Overstreet 1950 Chemical Engineering
Staten Island Mr. Gregory M. Del George 2008 Mechanical Engineering
Syracuse Mr. James D. Rodems 1947 Electrical Engineering
Troy Mohammed H. Aboul-Seoud, Ph.D. 1994 Industrial Engineering
Vestal Mr. Barry P. Messina 1978 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Waterford Mrs. Kimberlie A. Lenihan 1986 Applied Science
Webster Mr. C. Paul McWilliams, Jr. 1954 Chemical Engineering
West Point Mr. Thomas S. Cook 2003 Industrial Engineering
Williamsville Joseph G. Duffey, P.E. 1949 Chemical Engineering
Williamsville Mr. Mark S. Casper 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Williamsville Mr. Philip I. Wang 1951 Chemical Engineering


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