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Speed Alumni Residing in New Mexico

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in New Mexico.


City Name Graduation
Albuquerque Barbara T. Landesman, Ph.D. 1976 Electrical Engineering
Albuquerque Douglas R. Adkins, Ph.D. 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Albuquerque Dr. William P. Burckel 1963 Electrical Engineering
Albuquerque Maj. Gilbert D. Alexander, Jr. 1971 Electrical Engineering
Albuquerque Mr. Harry E. Meihaus, Jr. 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Albuquerque Mr. James J. Carnahan 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Albuquerque Mr. James R. Wessel 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Albuquerque Mr. Joshua E. Robertson 1996 Chemical Engineering
Albuquerque Mr. Robert C. Messenger 1989 Engineering Science
Albuquerque Mr. Robert L. Tolliver 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Albuquerque Mr. Steven J. Gardner 2002 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Albuquerque Mr. Thomas O. Lee, Jr. 1955 Chemical Engineering
Albuquerque Mrs. Afsaneh Felsher 0 Applied Science
Albuquerque Ms. Carol J. Scharmer 1982 Applied Science
Albuquerque Thomas E. Hinkebein, Ph.D. 1968 Chemical Engineering
Corrales Mr. John L. Wise 1982 Applied Science
Gamerco Mr. David M. Bizzell 1978 Electrical Engineering
Hobbs Mr. Joseph S. Sprinkle 1981 Civil Engineering Technology
Kirtland AFB Mr. Stephen W. Morris 1998 Engineering Math & Computer Science
Las Cruces Mr. Bernard A. Kute 1960 Electrical Engineering
Las Cruces Mr. Jeffrey E. Radtke 1980 Electrical Engineering
Santa Fe Mr. Cecil L. Severs 1976 Mechanical Engineering
Tijeras Mr. William M. Chynoweth 1959 Mechanical Engineering


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