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Speed Alumni Residing in Illinois

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Illinois.


City Name Graduation
Anna Gregory L. Roberts, USN, Ret. 1973 Electrical Engineering
Antioch Mr. Joel A. Tune 1978 Biomedical Engineering
Arlington Heights Mr. K. McKenzie Parker 1967 Mechanical Engineering
Arlington Heights Mr. Keun S. Lim 1968 Engineering Physics(GradSpeed)
Arlington Heights Mr. W. N. Griffin, Jr. 1955 Electrical Engineering
Barrington Mr. Derreck J. Keith 1997 Mechanical Engineering
Belleville Mr. Richard W. Gregg 1968 Civil Engineering
Brookfield Mr. Steven A. Fisher 1986 Applied Science
Buffalo Grove Mr. Steven E. Hamburg 1992 Engineering Science
Burr Ridge Ms. Shuang Liang 1993 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Cary Mr. Oscar L. Mathis, Jr. 1966 Civil Engineering
Cary Mr. Stanley T. Riddle 1987 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Champaign Mr. Aaron R. Canary 2007 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Champaign Mr. Patrick C. Fletcher 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Chicago Dr. Barry N. Feinberg 1964 Electrical Engineering
Chicago Dr. Laurel A. Berman 1985 Applied Science
Chicago Eric Michael Brey, Ph.D. 1996 Chemical Engineering
Chicago Mr. Andy Goss 2003 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Chicago Mr. Arindam Guha 2000 Industrial Engineering
Chicago Mr. Chadwick M. Cunningham 2002 Civil Engineering
Chicago Mr. Darrell G. Messer, II 2007 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Chicago Mr. David C. Scharre 1972 Environmental Engineering
Chicago Mr. John J. Oskin 1986 Applied Science
Chicago Mr. Ketan Patel 2000 Chemical Engineering
Chicago Mr. Wei Hong 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Chicago Ms. Cindy L. McNeese 1988 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Chicago Ms. Elizabeth A. Ghini 2001 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Chicago Ms. Patricia K. Lyons 1992 Engineering Science
Chicago Ms. Shawntay R. Cunningham 2001 Mechanical Engineering
Chicago Ms. Shobha Rao 2002 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Chicago Ms. Teresa L. Friel 1978 Chemical Engineering
Country Club Hills Mr. Ngozi C. Anyamele 1991 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Crystal Lake Mr. Douglas A. Czerwonka 1984 Mechanical Engineering
Crystal Lake Mr. John W. Richardson 1999 Electrical Engineering
Crystal Lake Mr. William E. Spencer 1969 Electrical Engineering
Danville Mr. Lee E. Leathers 2002 Industrial Engineering
Decatur Mr. David P. McGinnis 1980 Electrical Engineering
Decatur Mr. John R. Blunk 1966 Chemical Engineering
Decatur Mr. Joseph J. Gadlace 1972 Chemical Engineering
Dunlap Mr. Matthew C. Grote 2002 Mechanical Engineering
Edwardsville Andrzej G. Lozowski, Ph.D. 1999 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Edwardsville David M. Oates, P.E. 1975 Civil Engineering
Edwardsville Mr. Herbert L. Vonhoven 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Elgin Mr. Johnny M. Jackson, Jr. 2000 Civil Engineering
Elkhart Mrs. Sarah J. Maudlin 1991 Engineering Science
Evanston Mr. George Rieger 1938 Chemical Engineering
Evanston Rev. Charles C. Klosterman 1943 Chemical Engineering
Geneva Mr. Mark R. Riegling 1986 Applied Science
Glen Carbon Mr. Jerry R. Eldridge 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Glen Carbon Stephen A. Hutti, P.E. 1977 Electrical Engineering
Glenview Mr. Charles W. Dietz 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Glenview Mr. Robert M. Gregg 1964 Mechanical Engineering
Grayslake Mr. Steven DeWitt Leach 1990 Engineering Science
Gurnee Mr. Shahrooz M. Fallahi 1986 Civil Engineering
Highland Park Mr. Chander P. Wadhwa 1965 Civil Engineering
Highland Park Mr. David J. Waskevich 1979 Electrical Engineering
Inverness Krishna Vaman Mayenkar, P.E. 1970 Chemical Engineering
Kirkland Mr. John Edward Myers 1975 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Lake Villa Michael L. Dickinson, USN(Ret.) 1977 Engineering Physics (Speed)
Lake Zurich Mr. Biju Damodaran 1994 Industrial Engineering
Lemont Mrs. Judy L. Bosko 1983 Marketing
Libertyville Mr. Lester L. Sturgeon, Jr. 1969 Chemical Engineering
Lincolnshire Mr. Phil J. Gornet 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Lindenhurst Bruce M. Hinton, PE 1971 Civil Engineering
Lisle Mrs. Melissa W. Grant 1998 Civil Engineering
Lisle Ms. Menglin Lian 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Lombard Ms. Nicolette A. Collins 1995 Mechanical Engineering
McHenry Mr. Craig S. Huff PE 1975 Electrical Engineering
Metropolis Mr. David L. Gagel 2003 Industrial Engineering
Minooka Ms. Lisa M. Hawkins 2002 Chemical Engineering
Monmouth Mr. A. Houston McGill 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Mossville Mr. Amir M. Marvi 1984 Applied Science
Mount Prospect Mr. Surendra R. Chirra 1994 Chemical Engineering
Mount Vernon Mr. David W. Rawlings 2006 Electrical Engineering
Mt Prospect Mr. Steven J. Lambert 1993 Electrical Engineering
Mt Prospect Ms. Heidi M. Grether 1980 Data Processing Technology
Naperville James Gerard Gerstle PhD 1980 Chemical Engineering
Naperville Mr. Bing Tong 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Naperville Mr. Chia-Jen Hu 1989 Electrical Engineering
Naperville Mr. Donald W. Brown 1962 Electrical Engineering
Naperville Mr. Eddie E. Wolfington, Jr. 1990 Engineering Science
Naperville Mr. Keith D. Barkhau 1990 Engineering Science
Naperville Mr. Kenneth R. Schmidt 1981 Electrical Engineering
Naperville Mr. Milton C. Hubbard 1997 Mechanical Engineering
Naperville Mr. Roger C. Parrish 1972 Mechanical Engineering
Naperville Mr. Thomas E. Kupferer 1971 Chemical Engineering
Naperville Mr. Zhong Ma 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Naperville Mrs. LaVerne Wolfington 1990 Engineering Science
Naperville Ms. Wen-Lii Liu 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Naperville Ms. Zheng Cheng 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
New Lenox Mr. William D. Katzinski 1988 Engineering Science
Normal Mr. Anthony R. Taylor 1991 Engineering Science
North Barrington Charles H. Watkins, Ph.D. 1935 Chemical Engineering
O Fallon Mr. Angannan Soundararajan 1991 Industrial Engineering
Ottawa Mr. Danny E. Hyatt 1991 Engineering Science
Palatine Mr. Francis A. Grever, III 1983 Applied Science
Park Ridge Mr. Merle C. Newlon, III 1977 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Peoria Mr. Arshad Hameed 1990 Engineering Science
Peoria Mr. Charles E. Jett 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Peoria Mr. Douglas W. Koehler 1986 Applied Science
Peoria Mr. Leon C. Tallman, Jr. 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Peoria Mr. William Louis Ahlemeyer 1953 Chemical Engineering
Peoria Stephen M. Lasley, Ph.D. 1973 Chemical Engineering
River Forest Mr. Nayson Najaf Khoshnood 1993 Electrical Engineering
Riverwoods Mr. Raymond J. Bukszar, Jr. 1973 Electrical Engineering
Robinson Mr. Larry Dale Tullock 1977 Chemical Engineering
Rock Island Mr. Cory Duncan DeLong 1991 Engineering Science
Rockford Mr. Asimakis P. Pavlis 1988 Engineering Science
Rockford Ms. Barbara Caroline Huggins 1990 Data Processing Technology
Round Lake Mr. Peter C. Zylkowski, MCPO, USN(Ret.) 1970 Electrical Engineering
Saint Charles Mr. Jonathan B. Roberts 1987 Applied Science
Sandwich Mrs. Gwendolyn H. Fincham 1976 Applied Mathematics
Savoy Mr. Dillon E. Mapother, ScD 1943 Mechanical Engineering
Schaumburg Mr. Martin R. Becker 1994 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Schaumburg Mr. Matthew C. Mayer 2005 Chemical Engineering
Schaumburg Mr. Siva K. Chekka 2006 Electrical Engineering
Schaumburg Mrs. Eva H. Coop 1993 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Schaumburg Mrs. Latha Nair 2000 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Skokie Mr. Iam Thamasucharit 1973 Civil Engineering
Streamwood Mr. Rajkumar Madhavan 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sumner Mr. Lonald Lee Fink 1988 Electrical Engineering
Taylorville Mr. Richard L. Marshall 1994 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Tinley Park Mr. Ashraf M. Zorob 1988 Engineering Science
Tinley Park Mr. Timothy E. Davis 1997 Chemical Engineering
Tinley Park Ms. Wanda D. Ramsey 1997 Industrial Engineering
Urbana Mr. Jason R. Funk 2007 Civil Engineering
Wadsworth Mr. Jack N. Shirrell 1977 Chemical Engineering
Washington Aleksander Malinowski, Ph.D. 1996 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
West Dundee Mr. Gus W. Leep, Jr. 1950 Civil Engineering
West Peoria Mr. Gerald D. Singleton 2003 Chemical Engineering
Westchester Mrs. Jennifer L. Osegard 1994 Data Processing Technology
Winnetka Mrs. Lisa A. Hague 1981 Data Processing Technology
Woodridge Mr. Edward P. Schan Jr. 1965 Mechanical Engineering


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