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Speed Alumni Residing in Delaware

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Delaware.


City Name Graduation
Bear Mr. Barry L. Wagner 1985 Chemical Engineering
Bear Mr. C. William Adcock 1957 Mechanical Engineering
Bear Mr. Ring G. Lardner 1982 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Dagsboro Mr. Glenn D. Chisholm 1965 Chemical Engineering
Hockessin David L. Frantz, P.E. 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Hockessin Mr. Mark E. Mueller 1989 Engineering Science
Hockessin Mr. Thomas A. Long, Jr. 1974 Mechanical Engineering
Hockessin Mr. Wu-Lan Wang 1959 Chemical Engineering
Hockessin Mrs. Mary L. Long 1974 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Hockessin Perungattur C. Gopalratnam, Ph.D. 1980 Chemical Engineering
Newark Mr. Charles D. Potts 1952 Electrical Engineering
Newark Mr. Kevin J. Mulrooney 1979 Chemical Engineering
Newark Mr. Louis F. Erb 1960 Chemical Engineering
Newark Mr. Michael J. Hamlet 1999 Chemical Engineering
Newark Mr. Shawn E. Messinger 1990 Engineering Science
Newark Mr. W. Gary Caufield, P.E. 1954 Mechanical Engineering
Wilmington Jie Zhang, Ph.D. 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Wilmington John B. Tepe, Ph.D. 1939 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Kenneth W. Leffew, Ph.D. 1973 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Aaron S. Grossman 2007 Mechanical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Alexander Openstone 1983 Applied Science
Wilmington Mr. Brian E. Couch 1992 Engineering Science
Wilmington Mr. Byron Y. Sellers, Jr. 1957 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Christopher J. McGill 2000 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Jerry L. McAfee 1968 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. John A. Rathburn 1942 Mechanical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Keith R. Watson 1981 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Lewis E. Crenshaw 1967 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Robert E. Mulrooney 1987 Mechanical Engineering
Wilmington Mr. Robert F. Sommerville 1960 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Ms. Allison M. Douglas 2006 Industrial Engineering
Wilmington Ms. Ella D. Openstone 1983 Applied Science
Wilmington Ms. Sheila L. Hudson 1994 Chemical Engineering
Wilmington Ms. Valerie L. Thompson 1983 Applied Science
Wilmington Ms. Yurong Li 2000 Electrical Engineering


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