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Speed Alumni Residing in California

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in California.


City Name Graduation
Acampo Jin K. Kim, Ph.D. 1972 Chemical Engineering
Agoura Hills Mr. Mehdi Kasmai 1988 Engineering Science
Alameda Mr. Ramchandra S. Menon 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Anaheim Mohammad Shafie, Ph.D. 1998 Chemical Engineering
Anaheim Mr. David R. Lacox 1993 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Anaheim Mr. Donald F. Regener 1968 Electrical Engineering
Anaheim Mr. Rajiv G. Sanghvi 1990 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Anaheim Mr. Siri Ram Bhola 1959 Electrical Engineering
Anaheim Mr. Thanh T. Tran 1989 Engineering Science
Anaheim Mr. Walter D. Bales, III 1962 Electrical Engineering
Apple Valley Mr. Robert L. Bradley 1955 Civil Engineering
Aptos Mr. Jeremy O. Korn 1993 Engineering Science
Atascadero Mr. Michael J. Coleman 1977 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Atascadero Mr. Robert E. Clark 2001 Comp Eng and Comp Science
Benicia Can Tinh Quach, P.E. 1973 Electrical Engineering
Benicia Mr. Terrence L. Webb 1974 Electrical Engineering
Benicia Ms. Karen Schroeder 1984 Applied Science
Berkeley Mr. Alfred W. Medcalf Jr. 1956 Electrical Engineering
Blue Jay Mr. Jerry L. Cobb 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Boonville Mr. David P. Martin 1975 Electrical Engineering
Bryn Mawr Richard L. Barratt, P.E. 1949 Mechanical Engineering
Buena Park Mr. Van L. Hoa 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Burbank Mr. Shahrokh Javed 1990 Engineering Science
Campbell Ms. Mu-Yun Chen 1996 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Campbell Yung-Nien Yang, Ph.D. 1998 Industrial Engineering
Canoga Park Mr. Jeffrey L. Smith 1977
Canyon Country Mr. Luis E. Palenque 1986 Industrial Engineering
Canyon Country Mrs. Elizabeth M. Palenque 1982 Data Processing Technology
Carlsbad Mr. Bruce R. Hauenstein 1976 Electrical Engineering
Carlsbad Mr. Kazem Zomorrodian 1981 Civil Engineering
Carlsbad Mr. Kenneth A. Huelsman 1958 Electrical Engineering
Carlsbad Mr. Mohammad M. Zomorrodian 1981 Civil Engineering
Carlsbad Mrs. Hong Sun 2002 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Carlsbad Royce D. Wilson, S.E. 1955 Civil Engineering
Carlsbad Salman Taghizadegan, Ph.D. 1996 Chemical Engineering
Carmel Valley Mr. Stephen J. Halko 1976 Electrical Engineering
Carmichael Mr. Thomas A. Porter 1956 Mechanical Engineering
Castro Valley Mr. Larry E. Hedrick, P.E. 1949 Electrical Engineering
Cerritos Mr. Chia-Hsien Chu 1990 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Cerritos Mr. Naunihal S. Bains 1970 Chemical Engineering
Chino Hills Mr. Chi C. Pei 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Concord Mr. Collis R. Davis 1977 Electrical Engineering
Concord Mr. Edgar E. Aguilar 1999 Electrical Engineering
Concord Mr. George C. Shen 1984 Physics
Corona Mr. Sherif Galal E. Botros 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Corona Mr. William H. Berry, P.E. 1952 Chemical Engineering
Costa Mesa Mr. Charles E. Clark 1958 Electrical Engineering
Costa Mesa Mr. Edison Woo 1972 Electrical Engineering
Costa Mesa Mr. Kenneth G. Lininger, Jr. 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Costa Mesa Mrs. Rebecca S. Lininger 1998 Industrial Engineering
Culver City Mr. Debashish Banerji 1988 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Cupertino Mr. Donald E. Rosenbaum 1963 Electrical Engineering
Cypress Lt. Col. Thomas M. O'Neill 1968 Electrical Engineering
Danville Mr. Ingolf Grindheim 1953 Civil Engineering
Danville Mr. Suhas D. Shelukar 1988 Chemical Engineering
Davis Mr. Chander M. Khanna 2000 Industrial Engineering
Diamond Bar Mr. Hongki Kim 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Dublin Mr. Adam D. Hinton 2005 Civil Engineering
Dublin Mr. Seyed H. Noorbakhsh 1981 Civil Engineering
Dublin Senthil N. Annamalai, Ph.D. 1996 Chemical Engineering
El Cajon Lt. Cmdr. William A. Grella, USN, (Ret.) 1975 Electrical Engineering
El Cajon Mr. Roger W. Roberts 1975 Electrical Engineering
El Segundo Mr. Robert L. Fowler 1952 Electrical Engineering
El Segundo Mrs. Karen Y. Woodall 1982 Environmental Engineering
Emerald Hills Ms. Jennifer R. Guthrie 1996 Chemical Engineering
Encino Mr. Shervin Khazra 1978 Electrical Engineering
Escondido Mr. Robert L. Lowe 1960 Electrical Engineering
Fairfield Mr. Jung B. Lee 2001 Chemical Engineering
Fallbrook Mr. Mark A. Luerman 1978 Electrical Engineering
Folsom Mr. Douglas R. Moran 1985 Applied Science
Folsom Mr. Sanjeev K. Mahavadi 1994 Civil Engineering
Folsom Mr. William B. Sadler Jr. 1977 Electrical Engineering
Foster City Mr. Chin-Yung Huang 1992 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Foster City Mr. Sohaila Shooshtarian 1982 Electrical Engineering
Fremont Mr. Guang-yan Kuo 1982 Chemical Engineering
Fremont Mr. Peter P. Sheng 1995 Electrical Engineering
Fremont Mr. Rahul V. Deshmukh 2000 Chemical Engineering
Fremont Mr. Rajesh A. Kartha 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Fremont Mr. Santhanagopalan Muthukannan 1985 Electrical Engineering
Fremont Mr. Shiva S. Mogallur 1994 Electrical Engineering
Fremont Ms. Safaa M. El Gendy 1994 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Fremont Vipin K. Chawla, Ph.D. 1988 Chemical Engineering
Fresno Mr. Jie Deng 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Fullerton Mr. Leeroy W. Hausman 1955 Electrical Engineering
Fullerton Mr. Richard T. Hoertz 1986 Applied Science
Fullerton Mr. Shahram Tosifian 1979 Civil Engineering
Fullerton Mr. Vernon E. Meurer 1961 Chemical Engineering
Garden Grove Mr. Quoc T. Tran 1987 Applied Science
Glendale Mr. Hemachand Narem 2004 Electrical Engineering
Gold River Mr. Jeffrey O. Cornette 1972 Civil Engineering
Goleta Mr. Peter A. Lisherness 2005 Electrical Engineering
Goleta Ms. Kimchau N. Nguyen 2005 Electrical Engineering
Granite Bay Mr. Gholamrez Khorshidian 1984 Applied Science
Hacienda Heights Mr. Donald C. McIntosh 1952 Electrical Engineering
Hermosa Beach Mr. Gene C. Burns 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Hermosa Beach Mr. John W. Kirchner 1969 Electrical Engineering
Huntington Beach Mr. Timothy R. Crowder 1988 Engineering Science
Inglewood Mr. Belay B. Araya 1996 Engineering Science
Irvine Fengliang Huang, Ph.D. 1997 Chemical Engineering
Irvine Jian J. Dong, Ph.D. 1993 Industrial Engineering
Irvine Mr. Allen W. Broadway 1977 Electrical Engineering
Irvine Mr. Bill N. Callihan 1974 Civil Engineering
Irvine Mr. Donald W. Hockensmith 1964 Physics
Irvine Mr. Howard T. Tran 1986 Electrical Engineering
Irvine Mr. Jude M. Greer 1996 Engineering Math &Computer Sci
Irvine Mr. Roger Wu 1990 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Irvine Ms. Meiling Shi 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Irvine Teak-Keun Kim, Ph.D. 1992 Civil Engineering
Joshua Tree Mr. P. Bruce Miller, P.E. 1970 Civil Engineering
La Crescenta Mr. Raffik T. Abnous 1982 Applied Mathematics
La Habra Mr. John A. Kremer 1984 Applied Science
La Verne Mr. Lam H. Thai 1976 Electrical Engineering
Ladera Ranch Ms. Michelle D. Kleiber-Viglione 2008 Engineering Management
Lafayette Michael B. Biddle, Ph.D. 1978 Chemical Engineering
Laguna Niguel Mr. Jeffrey C. Wilk 1964 Mechanical Engineering
Laguna Niguel Mr. Mahmood Jouharizadeh 1980 Civil Engineering
Laguna Niguel Mr. Nassim Bayat 1991 Engineering Science
Laguna Woods Mr. William S. Zuber 1967 Electrical Engineering
Lake Elsinore Mr. Frank A. Kenney 1956
Lake Forest Mr. John J. Kuhn 1968 Chemical Engineering
Lakeside Mr. Raymond R. James 1943 Electrical Engineering
Lakewood Mr. Lang P. Tran 1982 Civil Engineering Technology
Lancaster James F. Stewart, Ph.D. 1974 Electrical Engineering
Lancaster Maj. Archie B. Clark, III 1981 Mechanical Engineering
Lancaster Mr. Andrew Gutierrez 1971 Electrical Engineering
Larkspur Mr. Afshin Nazarizadeh 1992 Engineering Science
Lawndale Mr. Maxwell D. Biddle, Jr. 1959 Chemical Engineering
Livermore Mr. Ravi S. Uppalapati 1997 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Lompoc Mr. Philip R. Fager 1942 Civil Engineering
Long Beach Amir M. Kasmai, P.E. 1981 Civil Engineering
Long Beach Mr. Mulugeta B. Biftu 2006 Electrical Engineering
Los Alamitos Mr. Michael A. Cecconi 1978 Chemical Engineering
Los Altos Dr. Randall C. Fowler 1962 Mechanical Engineering
Los Altos Mr. R. M. Haragan, Jr. 1981 Electrical Engineering
Los Altos Mr. William R. DeHaven, Jr. 1968 Electrical Engineering
Los Altos Hills Mr. William E. Evans 1943 Electrical Engineering
Los Angeles Min J. Kang, Ph.D. 1988 Electrical Engineering
Los Angeles Mr. Bahman Abtahi 1974 Electrical Engineering
Los Angeles Mr. Fatemeh Asgharzadeh 1984 Applied Science
Los Angeles Mr. Lizhi Fu 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Los Angeles Mr. Robert Hakimianpour 1974 Electrical Engineering
Los Angeles Mr. Vibhu Sinha 2001 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Los Angeles Mrs. Violet Hakimianpour 1976 Data Processing Technology
Los Angeles Ms. Angela R. Keith 1985 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Los Gatos Mr. Ardeshir Bordbar 1978 Electrical Engineering
Los Gatos Mr. Darrell J. Putnam, Jr. 1979 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Los Gatos Mr. Robert M. Burke, II 1973 Electrical Engineering
Manhattan Beach Mr. Norman F. Robinson 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Mather Mr. Srinivas A. Chintapalli 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Menlo Park Mr. Dan W. Verser 1966 Chemical Engineering
Mill Valley Mr. Barry B. Jones 1973 Applied Mathematics
Mill Valley Mrs. Molly A. Hemmeter 1989 Engineering Science
Milpitas Mr. Kirk E. Augustine 1999 Electrical Engineering
Milpitas Mr. Kung-Chao Wang 1995 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Milpitas Mr. Tri M. Truong 1984 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Milpitas Sriram Ramaganesan, Ph.D. 1992 Chemical Engineering
Mission Viejo Mr. Satrijo Tjipto-Margo 1988 Engineering Science
Mission Viejo Ms. Marjati E. Winarto 1989 Engineering Management
Monrovia Sathishkumar P. Alampalayam, Ph.D. 2001 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Monterey Mr. Delaplaine McDaniel, III 1946 Mechanical Engineering
Monterey Mr. Philip Chang-Ching Lin 1990 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Monterey Park Ms. Alpha Davis 1988 Engineering Science
Moraga Mr. Alok Srivastava 1994 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Moreno Valley Mr. Angel J. Vaca 1987 Applied Science
Mountain View Mr. Man M. Truong 1983 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Mountain View Mr. Sricharan Vangapalli 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Mountain View Mr. William C. Huber, II 1971 Electrical Engineering
Newark Mr. Prasad N. Gattu 1996 Civil Engineering
Newbury Park Mr. William C. Wagner 1981 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Newport Beach Mr. Akbar Sharifian 1982 Civil Engineering
Newport Beach Mr. James A. Yunker, Jr. 1947 Electrical Engineering
North Hills Mr. Dean W. Brandfass 1952 Civil Engineering
Northridge Dr. Byron B. Woertz 1933 Chemical Engineering
Northridge Dr. Syed Z. Hasan 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Novato Mrs. Lynn M. McCarter 1988 Data Processing Technology
Oakland Mr. Christopher S. Spargur 1998 Civil Engineering
Oakland Mr. Courtney D. Moore 1987 Applied Science
Oakland Mr. John N. Carver 1969 Civil Engineering
Oakland Mrs. Christine W. Byrne 1984 Applied Science
Oceanside Mr. Chin M. Lee 1982 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Oceanside Mr. Farid A. Razavi 1983 Applied Science
Oceanside Mr. Tam T. Nolan 1985 Physics
Orange Mr. Theodore S. State 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Orange Mr. William C. Richardson 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Oroville Cmdr. Raymond R. Shook Ret. 1966 Electrical Engineering
Pacific Grove Maj. Mark D. Stotzer 1977 Electrical Engineering
Pacific Palisades Hon. Thomas T. Johnson, Jr. 1986
Pacific Palisades Mr. William H. Branch 1950 Electrical Engineering
Palo Alto Mr. David James Murphy III 1983 Applied Science
Pasadena Mr. Doyle L. Towles 1984 Applied Science
Pasadena Mr. Taimei Liu 1986 Electrical Engineering
Pasadena Mr. Yu Cao 1993 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Pebble Beach Robert D. Zucker,  Ph.D. 1958 Mechanical Engineering
Placentia Mr. G. R. Hoertz 1954 Chemical Engineering
Pleasanton Mr. Desmond Whitt 1986 Applied Science
Port Hueneme Mr. Stephen H. Norton 1973 Electrical Engineering
Rancho Cordova Mr. Jason T. Fleming 2004 Industrial Engineering
Rancho Cucamonga Mr. David Abegunde 1988 Engineering Science
Rancho Cucamonga Mr. Stanley N. Wagar 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Rancho Palos Verdes Mr. Derek J. Steel 1957 Electrical Engineering
Rancho Palos Verdes Mr. Richard D. Gloor 1951 Electrical Engineering
Rancho Palos Verdes Mr. Walter K. Lang 1957 Electrical Engineering
Rancho Santa Margarita Mr. Bradley S. Thorfinnson 1987 Chemical Engineering
Rancho Santa Margarita Mr. Byron B. Rush 1990 Engineering Science
Rancho Santa Margarita Mr. Henry McNeil Greene, Jr. 1963 Mechanical Engineering
Redlands Mr. Marwa F. Mabrouk 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Redondo Beach Mr. Steven R. Csabai 1987 Applied Science
Redwood City Mr. Kent D. Goodin 1982 Electrical Engineering
Ridgecrest Mr. George D. Goetz 1963
Rocklin Mr. Charles W. Clark 1980 Civil Engineering
Rolling Hills Estates Mr. Richard C. Eberhard 1954 Electrical Engineering
Roseville Mr. Aaron E. Stonebrook 2004 Chemical Engineering
Ross Mr. E. Mack Miller 1952 Mechanical Engineering
Rowland Heights Mr. Nelson Nien-Yun Kang 1987 Electrical Engineering
Rowland Heights Mr. Tai-Sea Yen 1977 Chemical Engineering
S Pasadena Mr. Xiang Xia 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Sacramento Capt. Stephen J. Stoltz 1982 Applied Science
Sacramento Mr. Albert L. Wilding 1953 Mechanical Engineering
Sacramento Mr. Clarence E. Howard, Jr. 1943 Mechanical Engineering
Sacramento Mr. Daniel R. Stratman 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Sacramento Mr. Francis S. Smith Jr. 1947 Chemical Engineering
Sacramento Mr. Zhilei Ruan 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Sacramento Ms. Angela L. Pate 1989 Engineering Science
San Carlos Mr. Ramesh C. Kamath 1979 Engineering Management
San Clemente Mr. Alirez Habibi-Goudarzi 1977 Civil Engineering
San Clemente Mr. James C. Bogle 1952
San Clemente Mr. Omid Kanani 1991 Engineering Science
San Clemente Mr. Visish Sangveraphunsiri 1975 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Bradley Chase, Ph.D. 1997 Industrial Engineering
San Diego Capt. Charles A. Heinrichs, Ret. 1974 Civil Engineering
San Diego Chat P. Mohan, Ph.D. 1974 Chemical Engineering
San Diego Col. Eugene R. Puckett, USMC(Ret.) 1947 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Col. Richard A. Bailey, Ret. 1955 Mechanical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Ajay B. Shah 1983 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Alton B. Hornback 1949 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Alvin K. Rouben 1950 Civil Engineering
San Diego Mr. Anthony J. Campbell 1983 Applied Science
San Diego Mr. David B. Smith 1977 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Earl Kohnhorst 1970 Chemical Engineering
San Diego Mr. George Thomas 2005 Industrial Engineering
San Diego Mr. Henry A. Hughes, Jr. 1978 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Diego Mr. Herbert J. Meyer 1964 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mr. James F. Langston 1945 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mr. James R. Strother 1941 Mechanical Engineering
San Diego Mr. John C. Blankenbeckler, Jr. 1970 Mechanical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Kenneth D. Pettit 1988 Engineering Science
San Diego Mr. Kevin A. Heintzman 1993 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
San Diego Mr. Kevin J. McGrew 1983 Applied Science
San Diego Mr. N. Leonard Wener 1941 Mechanical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Patrick J. Higgins 1983 Electrical Engineering Tech.
San Diego Mr. Paul J. Linden 1968 Civil Engineering
San Diego Mr. Qun Sang 1999 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Remy Gallix 1970 Civil Engineering
San Diego Mr. Richard M. Lagatella 1971 Mechanical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Robert E. Rutkowski 1977 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mr. Sean W. Garceau 2006 Engineering Management
San Diego Mr. Song Fan 1996 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Diego Mr. Yamin Damghani 1983 Electrical Engineering
San Diego Mrs. Karen D. Campbell 1983 Applied Science
San Diego Ms. Ladan Porooshani 1979 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Diego Ms. Shelley R. Gardner 1995 Chemical Engineering
San Dimas Mr. Clair D. Clark 1991 Engineering Management
San Dimas Mr. Liston T. Taylor 1948 Chemical Engineering
San Francisco Gene P. Rexrode, P.E. 1956 Civil Engineering
San Francisco Mr. Daniel V. Phelan 1942 Chemical Engineering
San Francisco Mr. El M. Gouddou 1988 Engineering Science
San Francisco Mr. James C. A. Vaught 1997 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
San Francisco Mr. William R. Sommer, Jr. 1983 Electrical Engineering
San Francisco Ms. Aditi R. Singru 1995 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Francisco Piotr A. Habas, Ph.D. 2004 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Jose Mr. Bagalur V. Muralidhara 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Jose Mr. Carlos R. Mena 1983 Applied Science
San Jose Mr. Franz W. Roebbert 1986 Applied Science
San Jose Mr. Ghassan M. Aboul Hosn 1991 Engineering Science
San Jose Mr. Hai N. Duong 1985 Applied Science
San Jose Mr. Hira N. Patel 1964 Mechanical Engineering
San Jose Mr. J. S. Kumar 1995 Electrical Engineering
San Jose Mr. Jin-Uk Shin 1993 Engineering Science
San Jose Mr. Joseph V. Bolleddu 1994 Electrical Engineering
San Jose Mr. Kirti M. Parmar 1978 Electrical Engineering
San Jose Mr. Loc T. Tran 1998 Mechanical Engineering
San Jose Mr. Mehrdad Rezvany 1983 Applied Science
San Jose Mr. Mike C. Hsu 1984 Electrical Engineering
San Jose Mr. Minh Hung Nguyen 1991 Engineering Science
San Jose Mr. Minhtam C. Nguyen 1991 Engineering Science
San Jose Mr. Qui T. Tran 1998 Engineering Science
San Jose Mr. Rakesh M. Pathak 1993 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Jose Mr. Ramesh Gubba 1993 Industrial Engineering
San Jose Mr. Rohith T. Pai 1992 Industrial Engineering
San Jose Mr. Sateeshchandra S. Bajikar 1988 Chemical Engineering
San Jose Mr. Soumendra K. Mohanty 1996 Electrical Engineering
San Jose Mr. Wen-Chieh J. Yang 1994 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Jose Mr. Yao-Chung Chu 1989 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
San Jose Mrs. Mercedeh I. Mashouf 1978 Civil Engineering
San Jose Mrs. V.L. Santha Devi Konda 1993 Electrical Engineering
San Jose Ms. Liqin Xiang 1993 Physics
San Jose Ms. Ngoc K. Tran 1990 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
San Jose Radhika C. Mani, Ph.D. 2004 Chemical Engineering
San Jose Shashank Sharma, Ph.D. 2000 Chemical Engineering
San Jose Venkata R. Konda, Ph.D. 1992 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
San Luis Obispo Mr. Ralph J. Merah 2004 Electrical Engineering
San Mateo Mr. Robin E. McAdams 1985 Applied Science
San Mateo Mr. Thomas Dodge 1999 Mechanical Engineering
San Mateo Mr. Whi-en Shan 1994 Electrical Engineering
San Mateo Ms. Yin N. Tsang 1994 Management
San Rafael Mr. Shao-Yuen Yuan 1951 Chemical Engineering
San Ramon Mr. Enathickal J. Koshi 1982 Electrical Engineering
San Ramon Mr. Gregory Williams 1985 Applied Science
San Ramon Mr. Ratish S. Udupa 2005 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Santa Ana Mr. Louis F. Ruhl 1948 Mechanical Engineering
Santa Barbara Mr. L. Bruce Long 1952 Electrical Engineering
Santa Barbara Mr. Shail V. Mehta 1962 Chemical Engineering
Santa Clara Abdelrehim Ahmed, Ph.D. 2008 Electrical Engineering
Santa Clara Moumen Ahmed, Ph.D. 2000 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Santa Clara Mr. Delwar H. Khan 1994 Engineering Science
Santa Clara Mr. Harish Badhe 1995 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Santa Clara Mr. Muddassar Naved 2008 Mechanical Engineering
Santa Clara Mr. Nawazish Ali 1997 Electrical Engineering
Santa Clara Mr. Prasanth Gopinath 2004 Electrical Engineering
Santa Clara Mr. Sushil K. Arige 1999 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Santa Clara Mr. Vijaykumar R. Kancharla 1993 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Santa Clara Mr. Viquaruddin Ahmed 2008 Electrical Engineering
Santa Clara Ms. Bushra Haque 1994 Electrical Engineering
Santa Clara Ms. Pei Yang 1998 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Santa Clarita Mr. Kimrick D. Miles 1975 Civil Engineering
Santa Maria Mr. Asghar A. Syed 1978 Engineering Management
Santa Rosa Mr. Marc S. McClung 1980 Electrical Engineering
Saratoga Mr. Alan D. Marston 1948 Electrical Engineering
Saratoga Mr. Imanali Hatami 1987 Electrical Engineering
Saratoga Mr. Siamak H. Raissi 1983 Mechanical Engineering
Saratoga Mr. Yuen P. Yeap 1993 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Seaside Mr. Kevin L. Petty 1999 Industrial Engineering
Seiad Valley Mr. Howard V. Brophy 1952 Mechanical Engineering
Simi Valley Mr. Donald N. Thomas, Jr. 1978 Electrical Engineering
Spring Valley Mr. Barry L. Campbell 1972 Applied Mathematics
Sun City Mr. Ronald B. Bryan 1957 Civil Engineering
Sunnyvale Lt. Daniel T. Kuper, USN 1976 Applied Mathematics
Sunnyvale Mr. Neeraj Gokhale 1990 Chemical Engineering
Sunnyvale Mr. Tejal J. Sanghvi 1997 Engineering Math &Computer Sci
Sunnyvale Mrs. Savita Gokhale 1990 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Temecula Emmanuel C. Biagtan, Ph.D. 1989 Engineering Science
Temecula Hao Cheng, Ph.D. 2005 Urban Planning
Temecula Mr. Mark D. Eblen 1994 Engineering Science
Thousand Oaks Mr. Gary L. Mallaley 1973 Electrical Engineering
Thousand Oaks Mr. Jay Hartlage 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Three Rivers Mr. Gregory A. Schwaller 1970 Electrical Engineering
Tiburon William L. Teiser, P.E. 1960 Chemical Engineering
Torrance Col. Charles E. Payne 1963 Chemical Engineering
Torrance Mrs. Laurie A. Jones 1981 Data Processing Technology
Tujunga Mr. Robert Abnous 1987 Applied Science
Ukiah Mr. Timothy M. Nall 1993 Engineering Science
Upland Mr. Forrest Dee Howell 1976 Engineering Management
Vacaville Mr. Daniel S. Jordan 1999 Chemical Engineering
Ventura Cmdr. Charles S. Ormson 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Ventura Mr. William F. Hester Jr. 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Vista Errol F. Jacob, Ph.D. 2000 Chemical Engineering
W Hollywood Mr. Ty C. Nasief 2002 Mechanical Engineering
Walnut Creek Mr. Henry S. James 1949 Chemical Engineering
Walnut Creek Mr. Natwarlal U. Mehta 1963 Chemical Engineering
Westminster Maj. George C. Croslin 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Wildomar Mr. James R. Riley 1996 Chemical Engineering
Windsor Alaaeldin A. Aly, Ph.D. 1999 Computer Sci & Engr.(PhD)
Yorba Linda Mr. Hossein Mollaghasemi 1978 Electrical Engineering
Yorba Linda Mr. Richard Harris 1969 Electrical Engineering
Yucaipa Mr. David M. Robertson 1973 Mechanical Engineering


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