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Speed Alumni Residing in Alabama

Data is accurate as of May 1, 2009.

Following are University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering alumni living and/or working in Alabama.


City Name Graduation
Athens Mr. Chuck L. Hudson 1984 Applied Science
Athens Robert F. Shearer, P.E. 1965 Mechanical Engineering
Auburn Mr. Robert A. Wagner 1951 Civil Engineering
Birmingham Mr. W. Victor Atherton, Jr. 1978 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Mr. James M. Ballard, Jr. 1950 Mechanical Engineering
Birmingham Mr. David A. Been 1984 Applied Science
Birmingham Mr. Bruce S. Bodner 1977 Civil Engineering
Birmingham Mr. Milton C. Chamberlain 1967 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Mrs. Leigh B. Collier 1992 General Practice
Birmingham Michael J. Cowan, P.E. 1981 Civil Engineering
Birmingham Mr. Derek V. Hagan 1987 Applied Science
Birmingham H. Wayne Hay, Sr., P.E. 1965 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Charles H. Hunn, P.E. 1969 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Mr. Raymond B. Hunter 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Birmingham Mr. William D. Kunzman, Jr. 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Birmingham Mr. William G. Lee 1981 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Mr. Alan W. Lewis 1982 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Mrs. Melody T. Lewis 1983 Finance
Birmingham Mr. Barry R. Montgomery 1987 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Birmingham Ms. Parisa Nasirzadeh 2005 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Mrs. Robin J. Roemer 1987 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Birmingham Mr. Leo B. Shoemaker, Jr. 1964 Electrical Engineering
Birmingham Mr. William T. Snider, Jr. 1975
Birmingham Mr. James E. Temple 1994 Info. Sci. & Data Processing
Birmingham Mr. Dennis L. Walsh 1966 Electrical Engineering
Decatur Mr. Donald S. Armes 1960 Mechanical Engineering
Decatur Mr. Arthur J. Frederick 1957 Electrical Engineering
Decatur Mr. Zachary N. Thelen 2007 Mechanical Engineering
Decatur Mr. Dan L. Thompson 1977 Engineering Management
Dora William F. Lehman, Jr., P.E. 1946
Dothan Mr. Clifton R. Barnes 1957 Mechanical Engineering
Dothan Billy R. Mayes, Jr., P.E. 1986 Applied Science
Dothan Mr. Robert O. Vowell 1986 Applied Science
Fairhope Mr. Jimmie W. Bradley 1975 Chemical Engineering
Florence Mr. Henry W. Elder 1954 Chemical Engineering
Florence Mr. Randy C. Finch 1977 Chemical Engineering
Florence Mr. Horace C. Mann, Jr. 1954 Chemical Engineering
Florence Robert L. Torstrick, P.E. 1966 Chemical Engineering
Goshen Jerry K. Bilbrey, Jr., Ph.D. 2004 Industrial Engineering
Harvest Mr. Duane R. Nelson 1969 Mechanical Engineering
Harvest Mr. Edward B. Phillips 1989 Engineering Science
Harvest Ms. Patricia S. Vittitow 1975 Chemical Engineering
Hoover Mr. Mark A. Shockey 1980 Computer Sci.(Masters Degree)
Hoover Mrs. Melissa R. Shockey 1985 Applied Science
Huntsville Mr. Larry G. Armstrong 1959 Electrical Engineering
Huntsville Carl T. Case, Ph.D 1962 Electrical Engineering
Huntsville Mr. Charles B. Graff 1948 Electrical Engineering
Huntsville Mr. James P. Grubbs 1960 Electrical Engineering
Huntsville Mr. Billy R. Johnson 1984 Appl.Math/Comp.Science
Huntsville Mr. Brian S. Johnson 1984 Applied Science
Huntsville Mr. Paul W. Johnson 1984 Applied Science
Huntsville Mr. John M. Knadler, III 1954 Electrical Engineering
Huntsville Mr. Fawzy A. Makar 1973 Mechanical Engineering
Huntsville Mr. Patrick A. Tobbe 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Huntsville Heggere S. Ranganath, Ph.D. 1977 Electrical Engineering
Huntsville Paul O. Wieland, P.E. 1985 Applied Science
Huntsville Richard S. Wyatt, Ph.D. 1989 Engineering Management
Killen Mr. Frank P. Achorn 1946 Chemical Engineering
Laceys Spring Mr. Basil B. Bartlow 1959 Electrical Engineering
Leeds Mr. Robert P. Butler 1971 Civil Engineering
Madison Mr. James N. Kaelin 1960 Chemical Engineering
Madison Mr. Joseph R. McFarland 1987 Applied Science
Madison Mrs. Theresa C. McFarland 1987 Applied Science
Madison Mr. Benjamin L. Middleton 2007 Mechanical Engineering
Madison Mr. Howard G. Pieper 1972 Electrical Engineering
Madison Mr. Robert A. Wagner 1981 Electrical Engineering
Madison Mrs. Gina A. Wachnicki 1983 Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Meridianville James L. Ray, Jr., P.E. 1990 Mechanical Engineering
Mobile Ms. Milea Cosby 2002 Chemical Engineering
Mobile Russell M. Hayes, Jr., Ph.D. 1958 Electrical Engineering
Mobile Wendell J. Travis, P.E. 1958 Chemical Engineering
Mobile Mr. Sankoorikal L. Varghese 1967
Montgomery Mr. Donn E. Fizer 1991 Engineering Science
Montgomery Mr. Pirouz Nikoufar 1986 Applied Science
New Market Mr. Charles A. Marr 2000 Industrial Engineering
Owens X Rds Mr. Clay B. Jones 1979 Mechanical Engineering
Pelham Mr. Steven A. Horn 1969 Electrical Engineering
Phenix City Mr. David H. Bell 1972 Electrical Engineering
Rainbow City Mr. Michael A. Grieco 1968 Mechanical Engineering
Scottsboro Mr. Richard M. Berg 1965 Electrical Engineering
Spanish Fort Mr. Matthew R. Burton 1993 Engineering Science
Spanish Fort Mr. Michael A. Dickens 1977 Electrical Engineering
Toney Mr. Kenneth W. Schlatter 1985 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Troy Mr. Aubrey L. Johnson, II 1989 Electrical Engineering Tech.
Wetumpka Mr. Robin E. Rice 1992 Engineering Science


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