When is the best time to visit?

If you have not visited the University of Louisville, we suggest that you register for the Campus Visit Program. The program provides a good overview of the University of Louisville (for example, the Honors program, meal plans, parking) and a campus tour that includes a dormitory room. After lunch at the Student Activities Center, students meet with the J.B. Speed School of Engineering admissions personnel, speak with an engineering student, and tour the technology and research facilities.

Another visitation option is the University of Louisville’s Campus Preview Day, which attracts hundreds of high school students each November.

I applied for admission to the University. Is there a separate application for J.B. Speed School of Engineering?

No, applicants to Speed School complete a University of Louisville undergraduate hard-copy or an electronic application.

When and how should I apply for scholarships?

Once you submit your application for admission, high school transcript, and test scores to the University of Louisville's Admissions Office, you can apply for the University of Louisville and the J.B. Speed School of Engineering scholarships. The deadline to apply for fall 2015 awards is January 15, 2015.

Is there a residence hall for engineering students?

Students have the option of participating in the Engineering Living Learning Community in Center Hall.

What kind of assistance is available outside of class?

REACH provides supplemental instruction for designated classes as well as individual and small group tutoring. Some services are offered to drop-ins and others by appointment. Another resource is the University of Louisville Writing Center, helping students improve English composition skills.

Do you accept AP credit?

Yes, the University of Louisville awards credit on the basis of scores on the Advanced Placement Examination. Please note that although you receive academic credit for a course, it may not be applicable toward an engineering degree. For example, foreign language credit does not fit into the engineering curriculum.

What courses will I take besides engineering?

All University of Louisville students complete a general education component comprised of arts and humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, oral communication, social and behavioral sciences, and written communication.

What is the average class size?

The J.B. Speed School of Engineering typically averages 29 students per class.

Do I have to select a major right away?

No, during the first year, all Speed School students take the foundation courses for engineering (for example, calculus, physics, chemistry, and computer-aided design) as well as an Intro to Engineering course which exposes students to different fields of engineering and aids in selecting a major.