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Welcome Transfer Students

Students transferring from other institutions are valued at J.B. Speed School of Engineering as they bring different experiences and perspectives to our student body.  We want to make your transition as smooth as possible and encourage you to take advantage of all programs and services available to new students.

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Admission Requirements

Students with fewer than 24 transferable semester hours are considered in a fashion similar to freshmen.  They must meet the admission requirements for new freshmen and have a 2.5 college grade point average.

Students with 24 hours or more transferable semester hours should have taken chemistry, physics and calculus (or at least pre-calculus) at the college level in the past 5 years and should have a 2.5 college gpa.

Application Process

Complete a University of Louisville undergraduate application, hard-copy or online.

Request that the registrar of each institution previously attended forward to the University of Louisville Office of Admissions an official transcript of all work completed or in progress.

Speed School observes the application deadlines published by University Admissions: July 1 for fall semester, December 1 for spring, and April 1 for summer.  Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a space available basis.

Please allow University Admissions four weeks for processing your application. You may check the status of your application online. Speed School does not process applications.

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Evaluation of Transfer Credit

The Office of Transfer Services evaluates transfer credit and academic units advise about courses needed for degree completion after the student has been admitted to the University of Louisville. Transfer work that is college-level, academic in nature and earned at appropriately accredited institutions will be accepted and posted as credit earned (i.e., with no grade).  The School of Engineering requires a minimum ā€œCā€ grade for any transferred course to be accepted as credit toward a degree.

A transfer student must earn at least sixty (60) semester hours applicable toward the baccalaureate degree at a fully accredited four-year college or university.  Thirty of the last thirty-six semester hours must be earned at the University of Louisville.

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KCTC Courses

Recommended courses for Kentucky Community and Technical College students transferring to J. B. Speed School of Engineering.

The following courses are required for all engineering majors. The course grade must be a C or higher.

KCTC Course

U of L Course


ENG 101 ENGL 101  
ENG 102 ENGL 102  
MA 113 or MT 175 ENGR 101  
MA 114 or MT 185 ENGR 102  
MAT 275, MA 213, or MT 275 ENGR 201  
MAT 285, MA 214 or MT 285 ENGR 205  
CHE 105 or CHE 170 CHEM 201  
CHM 105, CHE 115, or CHE 175 CHEM 207  
PHY 231 PHYS 298  
PHY 241 PHYS 295  
PHY 232 PHYS 299  
COMM 181 COMM 111  
HIST 104 or 105 HIST 101 or 102
Only 3 hours of HIST will apply

3 hours in Arts

See General Education Requirements

3 hours in Humanities

See General Education Requirements

6 hours in Social & Behavioral
Sciences other than History

See General Education Requirements
6 hours in Cultural Diversity Some Arts, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Science courses will also satisfy the Cultural Diversity requirement.

NOTE: Additional courses may transfer depending upon choice of engineering major. See degree requirements for all engineering majors.

Consult your KCTCS advisor about how General Education Certification may impact course selection.

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Tablet PC Program

Some engineering courses require the use of a tablet PC in the classroom.  Following their admission and depending upon the courses needed to complete their degree at Speed School, transfer students may be advised to purchase a tablet PC.

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