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Students Working Together in ClassWelcome to Undergraduate Admissions at the J. B. Speed School of Engineering!

With a strong tradition of hands-on learning, some of the latest technology available, and a generous scholarship program, Speed School offers students a quality education at an affordable price. And our office will help you get started!

We are here to assist freshman applicants, transfer students, and those who already have a degree but wish to take additional undergraduate courses. Please refer to the menu at the left. If you do not find the information you are seeking, contact us at or call (502) 852-4672 or (502) 852-0399.

Questions about admission to graduate programs should be directed to the academic department for your major.

Since 1924, the University of Louisvilleā€™s J.B. Speed School of Engineering has been one of the top choices in the country for an advanced technical education that includes on-the-job training through a required co-op program.

We offer:


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With approximately 1400 undergrads and 600 graduate students enrolled at Speed School, the average class size is 29 students. An enrollment of more than 20,000 at U of L guarantees that Speed students have all the advantages of a small technical institute and the resources and activities of a major metropolitan university.

For more information about Admissions, Financial Aid, and Degree Programs, please contact us at or call (502) 852-4672 or (502) 852-0399.

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