Policies & Procedures

Undergraduate Student Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures for undergraduate students are contained in the UofL Undergraduate Catalog located here: http://louisville.edu/undergraduatecatalog/.  All undergraduate students should read this document thoroughly.  Please note the Undergraduate Catalog contains many sections, all of which should be reviewed by students. A directory of the 2016-2017 UofL Undergraduate Catalog is shown below.

Policy Title2016-2017 UG catalog page
for UofL policy
2016-2017 UG catalog page
for additional SSoE policy
Codes of student conduct, rights, and responsibilities35
Academic advising109114
Academic bankruptcy and Forgiveness115
Academic Grievance procedure118
Academic Standing134
Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing courses137141
Awarding of credit through exams144
Catalog Year145
Class attendance149
Classification of students150
Course audit154
Course load157
Course repetition policy161
Dean's list and Dean's scholar165
Final Examinations166167
Fresh Start168
Grading and Course numbering systems169173
Graduation and degree requirements175182
Graduation with academic honors189
Incomplete Coursework193
Internship, cooperatives, and independent study199
Pass/Fail Course Policy203
Registration policy206209
Residency status210
Student records211

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Graduate Student Guidelines and Rules

There are primarily two sets of guidelines/rules for graduate students; those in the UofL Graduate Catalog and those in the Speed School Minimum Guidelines for Graduate Education document.  All graduate students should read both documents thoroughly.  The UofL Graduate Catalog is located at: http://louisville.edu/graduatecatalog.  Please note the Graduate Catalog contains many sections, all of which should be reviewed by students.  Learn more about the Speed School Minimum Guidelines for Graduate Education here.

Speed School Academic Dishonesty Policy and Procedure

The following Academic Dishonesty policy and procedure applies to all Speed School students.

Updated 08.19.2015