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About the Speed Algebra Readiness Exam

If you have been accepted to the J.B. Speed School of Engineering and will be attending summer orientation you must take the Speed Algebra Readiness Exam.

The Department of Engineering Fundamentals requires you to take the Speed Algebra Readiness Exam BEFORE you attend Summer Orientation

  • This is a diagnostic test to help evaluate your level of preparedness for Engineering Analysis I.  
  • You must do your own work on this test.
  • The test is designed to be completed in less than 1 hour without the use of a calculator or other device. 
  • You will take the test online.
  • You have no cost for this exam.
  • For full instructions for accessing the Speed Algebra Readiness Exam, download the entire document here.

RESULTS: You will get your score when you have completed the exam.  If your score is not as high as you expected, remember that this is a diagnostic test only and may indicate that you have not worked similar problems for several years. More information regarding the Algebra Readiness Exam score will be provided during orientation.

NOTE:  If your score is below 80%, the engineering faculty recommends that you review your algebra and pre-calculus skills before engineering classes begin in the 2014 fall.  One method for review strongly recommended is the SPEED Calculus Preview Program offered both in-person and online by Resources for Academic Achievement (REACH) at the University of Louisville.  The SPEED Calculus Preview Program was designed specifically for UofL’s engineering students.  Research has shown that students who complete this program successfully have a very good success rate in Engineering Analysis I.  More information about the Calculus Preview Program is included at the end of the document.  

You will continue to receive more information related to the Algebra Readiness Exam during orientation.

If you are having trouble please contact : Dr. Jeff Hieb  via email only. Please put ARE in the subject line.


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