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Engineering Fundamentals

The Engineering Fundamentals Department is comprised of faculty and staff who teach introductory engineering courses, advise entering freshmen, and coordinate outreach programs that promote engineering as a profession to elementary, middle, and high school students. The department focuses on a positive and supportive environment in which students are helped to succeed in their studies and to select a major discipline. Departmental faculty strive to achieve excellence in teaching courses that introduce students to the engineering profession and provide them with fundamental engineering skills through a common set of core courses that begin in their freshman year. Departmental staff seek to provide courteous, timely, and effective academic advising and to promote awareness of the importance of the engineering profession and the satisfying challenges of an engineering career.

Departmental Objectives

Maintain an environment that attracts and retains qualified and interested engineering students. Maintain high academic standards and uniformity in the quality of courses offered in all semesters. Develop sound pedagogical methods using the latest technologies applied to engineering fundamentals education. Provide courteous, timely, and effective academic advising. Identify and provide appropriate referrals for students who need counseling for personal matters. Coordinate programs to implement the university’s STEM initiative and introduce elementary, middle, and high school students to Speed School.


Departmental Faculty

Crush, Gale J.B. Speed 121
852-0464 Email Gale Crush
Hart, Brenda G. J.B. Speed 111
852-0440 Email Brenda Hart
Hieb, Jeff J.B. Speed 122
852-6106 Email Jeff Hieb
Leach, James J.B. Speed 105A
852-7128 Email James Leach
Lewis, James J.B. Speed 117
852-0481 Email James Lewis
Maron, Melvin J.B. Speed 113 852-0469 Email Melvin Maron
Matthews, Robert A. J.B. Speed 105B
852-7101 Email Robert Matthews
Ralston, Patricia A. S. J.B. Speed 112 852-0479 Email Patricia Ralston
Rivoli, Gary J.B. Speed 114 852-7129 Email Gary Rivoli
Tyler, Larry J.B. Speed 119 852-0466 Email Larry Tyler
Wheatley, David J.B. Speed 118
852-0885 Email David Wheatley


Departmental Staff

Best, Susan J.B. Speed 123 852-0437 Email Susan Best
Elles, Leigh Ann J.B. Speed 108 852-4415 Email Leigh Ann Elles
Lochner, Vivian J.B. Speed 123 852-0399 Email Vivian Lochner
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