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Interview Stream


Interview Stream is an interactive on-line tool that allows you to practice and fine tune your professional interviewing skills. From any computer where you have internet access and a webcam, you can: login, practice and record your interview, review your interview or share your interview through email with a friend, a faculty member or your UofL Career Coach. It’s easy, it’s helpful, it’s free and it’s cool!

Getting Started with Interview Stream

  1. You need a computer with internet access and a web cam.
  2. Login to the UofL Career Development Center website at from your computer or call the UofL Career Development Center at 502-852-6701 to reserve one our fully equipped interview rooms for free.
  3. Visit Interview Stream.
  4. Choose the "how to use it" button at top right of the page for a video demonstration.
  5. Conduct your interview.
  6. Review your results immediately or share with a faculty member or your UofL Career Coach by forwarding your interview to them by email.
  7. Ace your interview!
  8. Get the Job!

For questions or technical assistance, please contact the UofL Career Development Center at 852-4740, or visit us in the Houchens Building, Lower Level 03.

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