Keynote: Nicole Cabrera Salazar, PhD

Photo of Nicole Salazar, PhD, keynote speaker at the 2018 Diversity Jubilee.Navigating the Murky Waters of Science as a First Generation Latina

History books, movies, and - most recently - social media can make it seem like scientists have it all together. Stories of eureka moments are told as if discoveries are met with ease by the few geniuses that grace humanity every 50 years. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. In this talk, Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar will share both her failures and successes and the importance of both for becoming a scientist.

Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar is a Latina astronomer who is passionate about social justice in science and technology. After creating several initiatives in graduate school for marginalized students, she decided to shift her career away from research to focus on improving the STEM community. Dr. Cabrera Salazar is the founder and CEO of Movement Consulting, helping STEM research departments and institutions foster inclusive work environments. An avid speaker, she has been featured on the Stuff Mom Never Told You and Self Care with Drs. Sarah podcasts, VanguardSTEM, and TEDxGeorgiaState.