Kelly Lepley

Diversity Jubilee Keynote Speaker, airline pilot Kelly LepleyAn international pilot for the world’s largest package delivery company, Kelly Lepley has a career spanning over thirty years flying planes as small as a single engine Cessna to one of the largest cargo aircraft transiting the skies. Lepley worked to find a balance between her professional and private life, often putting her career above her own personal journey. Her successes would not compensate for her struggle with her identity as a trans woman, which she hid it for nearly 40 years.

In July 2009, Lepley made the brave decision to tackle her challenges head on, which cost her her home, marriage, retirement and ostracized her from members of her church. The world she once knew, was no longer there.  Coming to terms with this new reality, deepened her faith, softened her heart and motivated her to speak out on remaining true to herself.

Her love for others, especially the marginalized in society, comes from her journey. She has walked in their shoes, and experienced their pain. Knowing the struggle, and facing societal obstacles, she has made it a life commitment to inspire others through her motivational talks on the importance of living an authentic life.

Her career outside the cockpit landed her at TED, a TED Talk.  Since then, she has gone on to speak before audiences around North America to include; Delta Air Lines, University of Alaska Women's Studies, University of Louisville Speed School, Dayspring United Methodist Church-Tempe Arizona, Out and Equal Atlanta Workplace Leadership Forum, and the Tom Joyner Radio Show in Toronto, Canada.