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Alumni Council

2012-2013 Speed School Alumni Council Members

Office Name Discipline Year Earned Bachelor of Science Year Earned Master of Engineering
  Jacob Brown Civil Eng.   2004  2005
President-Elect and
Unit Representative
Robert Campbell Civil Eng. 1993  
Immediate Past President  Peggy Duffy Civil Eng. 1989 1990
  Haven Harrington Electrical Eng. 1969 1977
  Da-Wyone Haynes   1992  1993 
  Scott Higdon Electrical Eng. 2005   
President  Josh Hillman  Civil Eng. 2004 2005
  Mark Hubbs Mechanical Eng.  1993   
  Eric Jackson      
  Sandy Lowry Applied Science  1987  
  Jeffrey Oeswein Civil Eng.  1999  2000
Secretary  Norm Paulin Civil Eng.  1970  
  Craig Rabeneck      
  Daymond M Talley Chemical Eng.  1996   
  Nancy Woods Industrial Eng. 1980 1985
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