Speed Administration

Office of the Dean

DeanDr. Neville G. Pinto
Associate Dean for Strategies, InitiativesDr. Michael Day
Associate Dean for Academic AffairsDr. Gail DePuy
Associate Dean for Research & Physical FacilitiesDr. Thomas L. Starr
Associate Dean for Administration, Planning and Faculty AffairsDr. John Usher
Assistant Dean for AdministrationConnie A. Braden

Department Chairs

BioengineeringDr. Robert S. Keynton
Chemical EngineeringDr. Joel Fried
Civil & Environmental EngineeringDr. J.P. Mohsen
Computer Engineering & Computer ScienceDr. Adel S. Elmaghraby
Electrical & Computer EngineeringDr. Bruce Alphenaar
Engineering FundamentalsDr. Patricia A. S. Ralston
Industrial Engineering (Acting Chair)Dr. Suraj Alexander
Mechanical EngineeringDr. Kevin D. Murphy