What do other students say?

Morgan Fultz

2009-2010, CIEE Internship in Spain

During my senior year last year I really had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree in spanish and minor in marketing.  When I read an email by Pat Ridge whom participated in the CIEE program during school year 08-09, I started to think teaching english in Spain could be just the job for me and boy was I right! I am finishing up my first semester in Cadiz, Spain and I have loved every second of it!  I work Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-2 and Thursdays from 10-12 which is only 12 hours a week!  Furthermore, I earn 700 euros a month, which may not seem like much but the cost of living is so cheap in Andalucia that it goes a really long way.  There are also many of us who give tutoring classes, some at our school, some with people off the street and one girl I know makes an extra 250 a month!

Morgan Fultz with her students

Some of you might think you don't know how to teach or are very intimidated by the thought of being in a
classroom but have no fear!  We are actually only teachers assistants which means there is always a teacher in the classroom and you are mainly there to help with pronunciation, reading, and giving them a taste of our native tongue.  I am in an elementary school and have students from the first grade to the sixth grade who are absolutely precious:)  Whenever I am feeling down or having a bad day these adorable little kids make me feel so loved!  The staff of Ciee is also very helpful in any way they can be. This opportunity is incredible and we are very fortunate to have it.  This can only better your future and improve your resume!  As we all know, many of us will graduate with a degree in Spanish but still not be as fluent as we may like and this is the best way to achieve fluency. If you do not have plans after you graduate, really think about this and take advantage!  I have found my career and I now know I want to be a teacher! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Morgan Fultz


Patrick Ridge

2008-2009 CIEE Internship in Spain

Spanish graduate (and current Master's student) Patrick Ridge spent last year in Córdoba, Spain with CIEE and reports that

"I have improved my Spanish, gained teaching experience, had the opportunity to live in a fascinating culture, and see many things that others will never see. The program is different than study abroad because the Spanish government pays you to live in their country. It is a perfect opportunity for graduating seniors to live in a Spanish speaking culture. I recommend this program to everyone, but especially if you have a Spanish degree and want to use it in the future."