Study Abroad in Spanish

The University of Louisville offers its students a wide variety of opportunities to study abroad. Spanish majors and minors in a foreign language are especially encouraged to spend at least one summer abroad.

Why Study Abroad?

Where Can I Study Spanish?

Summer programs?

Semester programs?

Can I Get Credit?

    • In most cases, yes!  Depends on the programyou go on.  Check with an advisor from the Office of Study Abroad

Do I have to know any Spanish before I go?

    • Not necessarily!  Depends on the programyou go on.

Can I Afford to Study Abroad?

    • Many students find that living and studying abroad is less expensive than staying in the U.S. Depending on the program you chose and the duration of the program, you'll find that there are many affordable programs from which to choose.   Students currently receiving financial aid or scholarships may be able to apply those funds to their study abroad. A number of scholarships are available from to help you finance your study abroad. You will meet with your Study Abroad advisor to draft out your potential costs and discuss possible financing options. After acceptance to your program, you will meet with a financial aid advisor for more specific advice.

How Do I Get Started?

    • Investigate possible study abroad programs by reviewing them online, speaking with students who have studied abroad or discussing them with the Spanish advisor.
    • Visit the International Center and meet with a Study Abroad Advisor.

    • With your Study Abroad Advisor, narrow down your program options, identify potential courses, and do an estimate of program costs.

    • Meet with the Spanish advisor  to determine how your coursework in Spanish will transfer back to U of L.

    • Meet with your academic advisor to determine how the course or courses will fit into your U of L program of study.

    • Submit your application for the Study Abroad program, leaving a copy for your file at the IC. Submit application for passport if you do not already have one.

    • Submit applications for scholarships, if available.

    • Complete the U of L paperwork for the IC files, including the Course Certification form, the financial aid consortia agreement (if needed), and the Study Abroad Cost Estimate form.

    • Meet with a financial aid advisor to determine how to handle the cost of the program.

    • Once accepted to your Study Abroad program, meet with a Study Abroad advisor to review remaining IC paperwork.

What Do Other Students Say?

You may contact a Study Abroad Advisor at edabroad (@)