The Certificate requires completion of a minimum of five classes at the graduate level (for a total of 15 credit hours):

1) All students must take TRPR/SPAN 661: Foundations of Translation and Interpreting and TRAN/SPAN 667: Computers in Translation (three credit hours each, totaling six credit hours).

2) Students will take two additional classes from the following list (three credit hours each, totaling six credit hours):

  • SPAN/TRPR 570: Basic Interpreting Skills
  • SPAN/TRPR 662: Educational and Social Services Interpreting
  • SPAN/TRPR 663: Legal Translation and Interpreting
  • SPAN/TRPR 664: Literary and Cultural Translation
  • SPAN/TRPR 665: Medical Translation and Interpreting
  • TRPR 670: Special Topics in Translation and Interpreting

3) Upon completion of at least nine credit hours, students will engage in an internship or directed study, TRPR 669: Final Translation/Interpreting Project, under the supervision of a member of the TRPR faculty (three credit hours).

NOTE: Students may be required to take additional coursework (e.g., SPAN 544: Advanced Grammar and Stylistics) to make up for language proficiency deficiencies.

Coursework towards the Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting may count towards the student’s graduate degree. For students in the MA program in Spanish, up to six (6) credit hours may count toward both the certificate requirements and the MA requirements. (Consult the Director of Graduate Studies in the particular degree program.)