Manuel Medina


Portrait of Prof. Medina wearing a suitProfessor of Spanish
Director, Brazilian Studies Program

Ph.D., Spanish
University of Kansas

E-mail: manuel.medina (@)
Campus Address: 329 Humanities
Office Phone Number: 502-852-0501
Dept. Office Phone Number: 502-852-6686
Fax Number: 502-852-8885


Honors and Awards:

  • President’s Exemplary Multicultural Teaching Award. University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.  2012.
  • Outstanding M.A. Mentor, School of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Louisville, KY. 2014.
  • Diversity Champion, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.  2011.

Areas of research and teaching:

  • Mexican, Ecuadorian and Latin American Literature
  • Colonial Latin American Literature
  • U.S. Latino Fiction
  • Latin American Cultural Studies
  • Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Latin American Film
  • Brazilian Studies


Selected list of publications:

  • Archivo y discurso en la nueva novela histórica mexicana (1980-1994). São Jose do Rio Preto, SP Brazil: H&N, 2012.
  • “Hablando (trash): ecos de identidad en Trash de Pedro Monge Rafuls ”Identidad y diaspora: el teatro de Pedro R. Monge Rafuls.  Ed. Elena M. Martínez & Francisco Soto.  Valencia (Spain): Aduana Vieja Editorial, 2014.
  • “The Female Stranger: Mexican and Jewish Gaze in Rosa Nissan’s Imagined Spaces.”  Critical Approaches to Jewish-Mexican Literature. Ed. Darrell B. Lockhart. Chasqui. Special Issue 4.  2013: 143-54.
  • “Paraíso e Odisseias Pós-Modernas: A(S) Fronteiras(S) no Cinema Latino-Americano Contemporâneo.”Literatura, Inverseções, Transversões.  Eds. Sergio Nolasco dos Santos & Leoné Astride Barzotto.  Dourados, MS: UFDG, 2013.  107-20.
  • O assédio á historia continua: identidade e narrador en El hombre que amaba los perros (O Homen que Amava os Cães).  Guavira16 (2013): 44-54.


Courses regularly taught:

  • Span 403, Foundations of Latin American Nationalism and Identities
  • Span 405, Introduction to Literary Analysis
  • Span 554, Latin American Film
  • Span 648, Contemporary Issues in the Hispanic World
  • Span 599 & 670, Special Topics.  My classes always include a Cultural Studies approach, such as Border Studies, Film Studies, Andean Area Studies, Southern Cone Area Studies, Faith and Religion in Latin Culture, Soccer and the Latin American Imagination, etc.