SOC 405 Voluntarism Information

The Department of Sociology offers a voluntarism course (SOC 405), an excellent means by which students can apply their formal education in sociology and gain "real world" experience in the areas of social service, social change, and/or social research by working with scholars and specialists in the field before they graduate.

Sociology majors earning a BS are required to take SOC 405 during their senior year, while sociology majors earning the BA have the option of taking SOC 405 as an elective within the major during their senior year.

The voluntarism course introduces students to issues and topics related to voluntary and nonprofit activity.  In addition to class material and course assignments, each student is required to serve an internship with an organization that is at least partially dependent on voluntary contributions of time and/or funds. Internship experiences should familiarize students with the daily operations of an organization, as well as providing information to be analyzed sociologically and allow them to apply their skills to an applied setting.  It is an opportunity to explore a potential career and/or contribute to an organization that students see as serving an important function in society.  Students are to serve an internship at an organization of their choosing, with the approval of the organization and the instructor.  In the past, students have been involved in this service learning opportunity at a wide array of organizations.  The voluntarism course meets as a regular class each week but also has, as one its requirements, 80 hours of volunteer work at a local organization.

Students wishing to register for the voluntarism course do so as they would any other course, keeping in mind the prerequisites of SOC 201, 320, and 323. For more information, email Dr. Mark Austin or call him at (502) 852-8005).