Recent Publications

Recent Publications by Sociology Faculty, Staff, and Students


Dr. James Beggan
▸Beggan, J. K., & Pruitt, A. S. (2014). Leading, following, and sexism in social dance: Change of meaning as contained secondary adjustments.  Leisure Studies 33, 508-532.

▸Beggan, J. K., Vencill, J. A., & Garos, S. (2014). Vulnerable but aloof vs. naughty and nice: Contrasting presentation of male and female nude models in Viva and Playboy. Journal of Sex Research 51, 265-279.

Dr. Jonetta Weber (Director of Academic Services)
▸“Self-Efficacy in Intercollegiate Athletes” Shelangoski, Bryan L., Marion E. Hambrick, Jacob P. Gross, and Jonetta D. Weber, Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 2014, 7, 17-42.


Dr. James Beggan
▸    “The Good-in-Bed Effect: College Students’ Tendency to See Themselves as Better Than Others As a Sex Partner.”  The Journal of Psychology (vol. 147, pp. 415-434)

Dr. Derrick Brooms
▸    “I Need Drive and Determination: A Qualitative Study of Inner-City Black Males’ Strivings to College.”  Issues in Race & Society (vol. 1(1), pp. 65-87)
▸    Review of Military Migrants: Fighting for YOUR Country.  Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies
▸    Review of Political Melodies in the Pews?  The Voice of the Black Christian Rapper in the Twenty-first-Century Church.  Journal of American Culture

Davis, D.W., Pressley-McGruder, G., Jones, V.F., Dr. Deborah Potter, et al.
▸    “Evaluation of an Innovativer Tool for Child Sexual Abuse Education.”  Journal of Child Sexual Abuse (vol. 22(4), pp. 379-397)

Ms. Melani Duvall (graduate from our MA program), Dr. Patricia Gagné, and Dr. Ryan Schroeder
▸    “Peer Versus Professional Trainers: Educating Fraternities about Rape and Sexual Assault.” Contemporary Journal of Anthropology and Sociology (vol. 3(2), pp. 203-218)

Frana, J. F. and Dr. Ryan Schroeder
▸    “An Analysis of Student Opinions on Former Convict Professors.”  Contemporary Journal of Anthropology and Sociology (vol. 3(1), pp. 29-40)

Dr. Gul Marshall
▸    Shaping Gender Policy in Turkey: Grassroots Women Activists, the European Union, and the Turkish State.  State University of New York Press.

McCarthy, V. L., Ling, J., and Dr. Robert Carini
▸    “The Role of Self-Transcendence: A Missing Variable in the Pursuit of Successful Aging.”  Research in Gerontological Nursing (vol. 6(3), pp. 178-186)

Dr. Cynthia Negrey
▸    “Eight-Hour Day” and “Temporal Dimensions of Men’s and Women’s Employment,” both in V. Smith (ed.), Sociology of Work: An Encyclopedia (pp. 222-223 and 981-985, respectively)

Ms. Carol Norton (Assistant Director of Center for Environmental Policy & Management), Dr. Lauren Heberle, Dr. Allison Smith (Post-doctoral staff member of Center for Environmental Policy & Management) et al.
▸    “State of Metropolitan Housing Report: 2013"

Perry A., and Dr. Derrick Brooms
▸    “Commitment, Partnership and Family: African American Men’s Concepts of Marriage and Meaning.”  Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men (vol. 1(2), pp. 55-82)

Dr. David Roelfs et al.  
▸    “Meta-Analysis for Sociology: A Measure-Driven Approach.”  Bulletin of Sociological Methodology (vol. 117(Jan), pp. 75-92)

Shor, E. and Dr. David Roelfs
▸    “The Longevity Effects of Religious and Non-Religious Participation: A Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression.”  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (vol. 52(1), pp. 120-145)

Shor E. and Dr. David Roelfs
▸    “The Strength of Family Ties: A Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression of Self-Reported Social Support and Mortality.”  Social Networks (vol. 35(4), pp. 626-638)

Smith, S. E., Della, L. J., Rajack-Talley, T., D’Silva, M. U., Dr. Deborah Potter et al.
▸    “Exploring Media’s Impact on African-American Women’s Healthy Food Habits in Kentucky.”  Journal of Intercultural Communication Research (vol . 42(3), pp. 228-251)

Dr. Hiromi Taniguchi
▸    “The Influences of Generalized Trust on Volunteering in Japan.”  Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (vol. 42, pp. 127-147)

Dr. Jonetta Weber (Director of Academic Services) and Dr. Robert Carini
▸    “Where Are the Female Athletes in Sports Illustrated?: A Content Analysis of Covers (2000-June 2011).”  International Review for the Sociology of Sport (vol. 48(2), pp. 196-203)