Links to Sites Related to Sociology

The American Sociological Association
The main professional organization for sociologists. Contains current job listings in the Employment Bulletin, funding opportunities, membership information, annual meeting specifics, and other important information.

Annual Review of Sociology
The Annual Review of Sociology contains articles that aim to summarize the state of knowledge in selected areas of sociology. The topics vary from year to year. Abstracts of all ARS articles for this and previous years are available on-line here. Highly recommended.

The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy
Very useful, all-in-one-place, listing of links to more than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government having statistics of interest to the public.

The General Social Survey
This is the home page for the General Social Survey. One can search the GSS codebook for specific topics, extract and download data, and link to other research-relevant sites.

Information Resources for Women's Studies (UC Santa Barbara)
Many links to sources of information/data on women and women's studies.

The Library of Congress
Just about anything you would want to know about almost anything. You can search the Library's vast holdings. You can also access specialized collections allowing you to do such things as view Civil War photographs taken by Matthew Brady and others, electronically page through comic book collections, read ex-slave narratives, and find literally millions of other data.

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies
This well-known institute in Cologne,Germany houses many scholars who do social research. There is an extensive set of research projects going on all the time. The general theme of the Institute is an examination of the conditions under which modern societies may solve their problems through collective action. Many publications are available.

National Science Foundation (Sociology Program)
A leading funding source for sociological research. This site contains information regarding current funding possibilities, submission guidelines and forms for projects.

Do you need a string of random digits, fast? Here is an excellent site that will provide as many as you want (you specify the range of the values and the number of strings you need) immediately over the Web. These digits are more truly "random" (they are based on radioactive decay processes) and more convenient to use than conventional printed tables of random numbers. Very useful for picking true random samples, doing a virtual "coin flip," etc.

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research
Free resources in social research methods are available on this site, along with free on line books, manuals, articles on how to do social research, including surveys, interviews, observations and more. Also links to research about research methods, free software, and sites on how to present data. This site also has a review of free statistical resources.

Social Capital Gateway
This website is designed to provide information and promote discussion on the topic of social capital.

Social, Economic, and Political Change
This site has the World Social Change reports, reviews of main world demographic and political changes and data used to develop the reviews, and a review of theories of change. This site also links to free information about long term changes in political, economic and social systems. This site links to theory, data, research, syllabi, history, and more.

The SocioLog
The Sociology Department at Princeton maintains a large number of links to sites of sociological interest. Very handy and useful.

The Urban Institute
A leading think tank for urban sociological research. Many references to past and current projects, sources of data, etc.

The U.S. Census Bureau
A convenient source to download tons of population statistics and information by census tract, Zip Code, city, state, and for the U. S.  (e.g., What is the current population of Louisville? How many people are below the official poverty line in Chicago? What is the percentage of the various races in Shelby County, Kentucky?)

The U.S. Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance
A variety of sources, links, and information related to crime and criminal justice.>

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
A fine place to locate and download lots of information and statistics about the U.S. labor force, economic conditions, employment figures, and related items. You can also find data organized by region and state.