Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The Department of Sociology has occasional openings for graduate assistants, which are awarded to graduate students in sociology on a competitive basis, usually for one academic year (i.e., two semesters). These assistantships provide a 10-month stipend (August through May), along with full-time tuition reimbursement and student health insurance during the academic year for which they are awarded. (Occasionally, assistantships are awarded for one semester, in which case the stipend and tuition reimbursement are granted for that semester only.)

In exchange for the stipend and reimbursement, students are expected to provide 20 hours weekly of service to the department in the form of teaching and/or research assistance to department faculty. These assistantships are awarded to students in the sociology graduate program who have excellent GPA and GRE scores and who are believed to have the ability to provide teaching and/or research assistance to department faculty.

Assistantships may be renewed for a second year but such renewals will not be honored unless, by the beginning of the new appointment (August 1) the student has: (1) an academic record free of "I" and "X" grades (except for thesis or internship credits); and (2) a guidance committee and an approved thesis proposal, approved applied practicum placement, or areas selected and approved for a comprehensive exam. Those serving on an assistantship are expected to register for no less than nine, and no more than twelve, credit hours per semester unless fewer hours are required for graduation.  NOTE:  Students who are funded by an assistantship during their first year and wish to continue their assistantship during their second year must submit a letter of interest including the information listed below by the following deadlines.

Interested students should submit their application materials by January 5 for the following fall semester and October 1 for the following spring semester.  Students must also submit their CV/resume and a letter of interest to Dr. Jonetta Weber at (a) indicating that they wish to be considered for an assistantship, and (b) elaborating why they feel they would be a good candidate for an assistantship. Awards are generally determined by March 15 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.  The Doctoral Admissions Committee may also request an interview with assistantship candidates.  NOTE:  Students must submit a letter of interest for each upcoming semester (fall and spring) in which they are interested in being considered for an assistantship.

For more information on available assistantships, contact Dr. Jonetta Weber, Director of Academic Services, at or (502) 852-8028.