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Senior honors thesis

Senior honors thesis

A student interested in pursuing a senior honors thesis in sociology must (a) be a member of the College of Arts & Sciences Honors program, and (b) meet the credit hour and GPA requirements (which are found at

Once a student has determined eligibility, he/she should contact Dr. Jonetta Weber who will assist you in identifying an appropriate sociology faculty member to supervise the thesis. Once the topic and faculty member are chosen, students must submit a Thesis Initiation Form. This form, including detailed instructions, along with information related to thesis committee members, the thesis oral examination, etc. are available at

During the semester in which the student plans to conduct the thesis research/writing, he/she must register for SOC 498 or 499. SOC 498 is a one-credit hour course which should be taken only if the student has already completed some work toward what will become their thesis project. For example, a student who wrote a lengthy research paper in a 400-level sociology class and wishes to expand on that paper for a thesis project would take SOC 498. However, if a student has done no prior work related to the thesis project, he/she should register for SOC 499.

For additional information, contact Dr. Weber at or (502) 852-8028.

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