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SISTAH Speakers

SISTAH Summit Poster
SISTAH Summit Poster

For medical professionals & consumers:

  • “No Knowledge, No Power:  Health Reform Update”: Beverly Gaines/Toni Miles
  • “No Knowledge, No Power:  Health Reform Can Help a Sistah Out”: Toni Miles
  • “Health and Disease from a Holistic Perspective” : Tracy Freeman

For social workers, youth workers, educators & parents:

  • “The Resilience Advocacy Project” : Brooke Richie-Babbage
  • “Reclaiming Power After Abuse”: Masani Accime
  • “The Power of Parents and Pre-School Education”: Eboni Cochran/Robin Harrington
  • “Getting Our Youth from Pain to Power”: Nubia Bennett, Khalilah Collins, Aletha Fields, Shannon Floyd, Sade Jackson, Shameka Parrish-Wright,  Cheketa Tinsley, Ruth Weathers

For ‘over-giving’ women:

  • “Loving and Giving:  Do We Do Them too Much?”: Donna Britt
  • “Women, Power and Politics”: Eleanor Jordan
  • “ From Stress to Power”: Nefertiti Burton
  • “With or Without a Man:  Sistahs Need a Plan”: Joyce Lewis
  • “Caregiving”: Janice Baldon-Gutter
  • “Celebration and Joy at the End of Life”: Delanor Manson

For women trying to grow:

  • “Black womanpower drained--Identity Issues”:  Tomarra Adams
  • “Self and Sisterhood”: Sadiqa Reynolds
  • “Loss and Living”:  Sharon Boyd, Laverne Terry Cox, Rhonda Mathies
  • “Recreating Self Through Love”: Imani Muhammad
  • “From Hair Loss Pain to Power”: Julia Crittendon
  • “Sexuality, Spirituality, Sistahs and the Church”: Elizabeth Walker
  • “Sex and Living Single”: Deborah Stallworth and Afrykah Wubsauda
  • “The Media and the News:  To Question and to Use”:  Betty Baye’
  • “A Black Woman Abroad—Insights and Issues”: Masani Accime/Joyce Lewis
  • “Sisterhood and Spirituality”: Mary Frances Stiner
  • “Seasoned Sistahs/Wise Women Pass the Power On”:  Elmer Lucille Allen, Alice Broadwater, Clest Lanier, Mary Frances Stiner, Joyce Howell Young

For women and the men in their lives—coed dinner with keynote speaker

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