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Amelia Blossom Pegram, Poet Laureate


MOVING through the thick wind
On the moor
Very Slowly
In the darkness
Near the river
Groping for safety

FROM the perils of life’s
Red-flagged signals on every corner
On every corner
Manned by those waiting to deliver

PAIN slowing
And degrading the workers
In the struggle on the path
Nearing the victory mark

To attain the goal
On the climb to achieve

POWER earned after hard work
Over each stretch
Where the victory
Ever in view could be achieved
Reached by the power of persistence

PAIN to Power

The climb to the top
Of the mountain
Of the morass
At the foot
Cannot be achieved
Without pain
The pain is celebrated
As part of the success
As the power is achieved
And inhaled at the summit

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